The shoe policy in our home (and our new DIY mudroom locker).

Can we just talk about shoes for a second?

We all have a ‘shoe policy’ in our homes.  Before we had our baby girl, I wasn’t overly concerned about shoes in the house.  But after reading more about it and actually having a baby that’s crawling around on her hands and knees, I’ve officially changed my mind.

We have a SHOES OFF policy at our house.  When we walk in the door (even if we are going right back out) we take our shoes off. Period.

Allow me to explain why.

Before you walked in my house, you were in a public restroom (gross). You also walked all over many parking lots (double gross) and maybe even across a grassy yard with a little bit of poo (triple gross). Now, your shoes are walking on my clean floor where my baby is crawling with her hands (which she puts in her mouth), where her toys are and where I am walking with my bare feet.

Your baby is walking now, why do I have to remove my shoes?

But you have dogs!

There’s a multitude of other reasons why I have a shoes off policy, but the only one that matters is because I said so.

I’ll jump off my soap box. In all seriousness, please ask next time you go to someone else’s house about their shoe policy (and it may change - in that case, they should let you know).

Speaking of taking your shoes off, we needed somewhere to store our shoes, coats and backpacks. We don’t have a traditional mudroom, so we needed to make our own functional space.

DIY locker/mudroom/shoe storage

Since this is so specific to our home, I don’t have dimensions. Use this idea to make your own functional space!

The empty corner started off like this.

Shiplap wall

shiplap in kitchen / easy shiplap wall

Then we started building the top frame, seat and bottom frame. 


We decided to use a beautiful oak board for the seat, but paint everything else white to match our kitchen.


We used two boards across the back (for the hooks) for extra strength. We also thought there would be a stud in this wall to screw it to, but there wasn’t. So we used a bolt/anchor instead.

Once it was all in place, we screwed it to the wall and added the hooks (super late at night).


hooks / blinds

Oh yes, we also needed a shelf at the tops for more plants. I couldn’t be more excited about how this turned out. We’ve been using it for a little over a week now and it’s already made our lives easier and less cluttered.

diy mudroom
breakfast nook
breakfast nook diy

x base table / interior doors / concrete countertops / drop cloth curtains

This breakfast nook has come a LONG way. Check out the before and after photos below from when we started our home remodel.

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