Design Board: How to visualize a space before you make a huge change.

Making a huge change to your home can be intimidating, stressful and sometimes costly. We have made a lot of changes to our home over the years and MOST of the time, I had a plan before we started. That’s right I said most of the time.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Take note of the things in the space that MUST stay.
    This may be a fireplace, a couch, built-in shelf, etc.

  2. Search your favorite inspiration magazines and sites.
    I search Instagram and Pinterest for ideas.

  3. Look for items online that you like or are similar items to what you found in your inspiration pictures.

  4. Find ONE inspiration piece and build your space around that.
    A good inspiration piece may be a rug, a piece of art, or maybe a pillow.

  5. Create your design board.
    I use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or InDesign.

Number five - that’s where the magic happens. Once you find those images you like online, start putting together your design board (don’t forget to save your links)! Need an example?

Just before we decided to upgrade the living room, I went through the steps above. Here’s the design board I came up with.

And here’s a few photos of my actual living room.

built-ins / engineered prints / bench cushions / living room rug / plants

Not exactly the same, but pretty darn close! You can get as detailed as you want with the design board. In the living room design, I wanted only basic pieces, knowing more would be added.

Not ready to do the entire room? Here’s a few other examples.

Before I bought new furniture for the patio, I wanted to be sure it had the look and feel I wanted.

My cousin wanted to switch out her curtains so to help her do that, I created 2 design boards. In this case, the couch was already there and had to stay but everything else could change!

Isn’t it incredible helpful to actually visualize it? These two images aren’t drastically different, but it can definitely help you make a more informed decision. Which would you choose?