Top 5 must haves for traveling with a baby/toddler.

A few weeks ago we flew across the country with a 10 month old. Call us crazy, call us smart, we did it.

Although we had a great time, I will admit that it was stressful at times. (Although, this life changing item made it a lot easier).

So, to make your life easier, I’ve put together my list of must haves for traveling with a child.

A stroller.

Originally I was not going to bring a stroller because I didn’t want to deal with checking it at the gate and what not. Luckily, my sweet friend convinced me that it’s a must have. And friends, let me tell you, it’s a must have. We bought this one and it was SO EASY and quick to fold up and down while we were in the airport and at our sightseeing destinations. We had a few LONG walks through the airport and if we were carrying her the entire time, plus our bags, it would have been awful. This leads me to my next must have…

A gate check bag.

Okay, maybe it’s isn’t a MUST have, but it was pretty darn nice. It was less than $10, it helped keep our stroller clean and helped us identify it once they brought it off the plane. We purchased this one. They also have these available for carseats.

Also, I’m not sure if every airline does this, but every single time we got off a plane, the workers ALWAYS brought the strollers and carseats up first (gate check). That was SO helpful and kind.

Stack up cups.

We constantly had to keep giving our little one something new to keep her occupied. These cups kept her busy the longest. Bonus, they are easy to clean. We also took things such as books, toy cars, sticky notes, a calculator, a stuffed animal and a ball.

And when all else fails, give them water to splash everywhere.


I was told that we should give her a bottle when we take off and land to help with her ears. That wasn’t exactly the best option for us, so instead, I fed her Puffs. This kept her busy and also kept her swallowing to help with her ears popping. I also took a variety of (as healthy as I could find) granola bars for babies. These were so great to have when we couldn’t stop for a full meal.

White noise machine / app.

Our daughter uses a sound machine in her room when she naps and sleeps at night. In order to help with her nap/sleep consistency, we knew we were going to have to create that same environment as best we could. We have a white noise app on our phones that we used on the plane and also took a sound machine to use in the bedroom at night to help create a familiar environment for her.

Want to know how we made our lives easier with everything we had to pack? Check out this LIFE CHANGING item, here.

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