How a no-mess activity for toddlers can be transformed into beautiful artwork for your walls.

Hanging artwork in our home has made me love it even more for what it gives our home - depth, satisfying colors, new sights to look at, and most importantly the feeling of love.

Friends, you all have artwork in your home that can give you just as much love.

This all came about because I have the busiest 9 month old. She’s constantly on the move and exploring every single thing. I reached out on Instagram for help and received tons of ideas for how to keep her busy. One of my favorite suggestions (from her Aunt Kelly) was no-mess painting.

Yes, I said NO-MESS painting.

Here’s how we did it.

STEP ONE: Gather materials.

We used:
Acrylic paint
Ziplock bag

STEP TWO: Prep the painting.

I picked a few colors, related to Valentine’s Day since that is right around the corner, and randomly put the paint on the page. I then put the page in the baggy and zipped it shut.


I showed our daughter what to do and she went to town. You could also use additional things such as a race car, a rolling pin, a plastic measuring cup, etc. to help you ‘paint’.

STEP FOUR: Take out of bag to dry.

This step is SO important. On the first one we did, I left the painting in the bag for a while and when I tried to remove it, the entire paper ripped because it was too wet and attached to the bag. Remove it from the bag as soon as you are finished.

STEP FIVE: Frame it!

This is the most beautiful part. I bought these frames from Target and put the painting inside of them. They came with the mat, as an 8 x 10 frame. Don’t the frames make the artwork look stunning!?

We originally made one, but because I loved it SO much, I decided to add another.

The artwork is beautiful alone, but in those gold frames, it’s so lovely! The best part about this is that I can switch out the artwork as often as I want. It’s the perfect way to add decor and love to your home.

Items in photos (or similar):

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