Tomato Cage Plant Stand: Repurpose a garden staple.

We typically have a garden in our backyard each year and we always plant tomatoes! Tomato cages are a must have in your garden, but have you ever thought about using them indoors?

With a few materials, you can instantly give your tomato cages an upgrade and make them look stunning indoors. Let’s get started!


You will need:

Tomato cage
Gold spray paint
Clippers / hacksaw
Plant / pot


Cut off the spiky feet with a clipper or a hacksaw. Get as close as possible to the circle, as the large circle will become your base.


Spray paint your cage on cardboard or another material in a well ventilated area.


Put a pot or basket in the top with your plant. Be sure your plant is in something that allows for drainage.

rug / large engineering prints

That’s it! Easy peasy.

A repurposed tomato cage now holding my beautiful plant - indoors.

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