House plants (and resources) for a beginner.

I decided it was time to become a plant mama.

I’m no expert, so I am not going to rattle off a bunch of information about how to take care of plants. However, I rounded up a bunch websites, YouTube videos, resources and people to follow who DO know how to take care of plants.

Before we dive into that, let me show you what I got! If you’re local, I went to Wallace’s Garden Center. I highly recommend starting there. They have a wide selection of healthy plants and the lady who was working when I went in was incredibly helpful and willing to share her knowledge with me.

Because I am a beginner and our house doesn’t get a ton of natural light, she suggested a few plants that would be good for me.


These can live in low to medium light and require water maybe once a week. Easy peasy, sign me up!
Here’s some additional information about pothos.

For now, I’m trying them on my built-ins. My hope is that they start climbing down the shelves!


This is another plant that can survive on medium light and watering once a week. Here’s some additional information.

Apparently I need to clean the leaves! This guy is sitting on my fireplace near a window. So far so good.

Spider plant

This is another plant that doesn’t require a lot of watering and can be easy to care for. Here’s more information about the spider plant.

Chinese Money Plant

This plant likes bright light, but not direct sunlight. Here’s additional information.

Snake plant

I’ve had this plant forever. I’ve barely ever watered it. At times it’s been sitting behind the couch - and it’s still alive.

ZZ Plant

This one is super pretty! It likes moderate light, but can survive in low light. Here’s additional information about this plant.

Additional resources:

Beginners guide to growing plants indoors

Beginners guide to caring for houseplants

The video below was helpful and she also provides a FREE PDF - it’s worth checking out. Her YouTube channel is here.

Additional (fun) things:

Click the photo to go to the product.

People to follow:

These Instagram accounts are all #plantgoals. I want to be like every single one of them someday.


Her home is beautiful! Check it out below.


If you have any plant advice for me, please leave it in the comments. I need all the advice I can get!

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