My top ELEVEN items for a new mom or baby shower gift!

Let’s get right to it, because if you’re expecting a little bundle of joy (or you’re looking for a baby gift) I know you are super curious about what items have served us well these past few months!


Newborn Lounger

This pillow gets used every single day. On the couch, on the floor, it can travel easily and my little one loves laying in it. It’s been especially helpful because we need to be sure our little one is propped up for a little bit after eating or she spits up. So, this pillow allows her to be laying down, but propped up just enough so spitting up doesn’t happen.

Modern Baby Gym

Another item that we use every day!  This baby gym has a modern design, which I love because it’s sitting in my living room.  The best part about this product is that you can change the toys that are hanging from it.

Here’s are some of the toys we have that we have rotated in and out on this baby gym:



Eric Carle toys

Wood and bead toys


Another great thing about this item is it comes in 3 pieces, so I can easily take it apart and move it or transport it somewhere else!


Wall Baskets

How is this a baby item? Well, we use these for books, however, they could hold a lot of different things in the nursery. There are 3 different sizes, I ordered 4 of the large ones.

This is also a great way to give a baby shower gift - put the items in a cute basket with a bow. 


I hung the wall baskets with nails so I can easily take them off the wall if I need to. I use the grey/wicker baskets for blankets, onesies, bibs, etc.


Bottle Drying Rack

I mean, how else are you going to dry your bottles?  We have a few of the ‘trees’ that go in the grass and it’s been extremely helpful for drying our bottles, nipples, caps, etc.


Boba Wrap

This is a game changer.  Some babies like to be ‘worn’ so some moms will use this around the house. However, I mainly use it when going out and about with our little one. It’s an easy way to carry her into a store or around the farmer’s market or wherever you may be going.  

I have received so many inquiries about this when wearing it! As a bonus, it comes with a little guide to show you how to wear it when you baby is a newborn, 3 months, etc.


Rock n Play

This has been super helpful for us to have somewhere to put our little one down for a minute. We cook a lot of meals and we want her to be in the kitchen with us, so she will lay in this and play with some toys and talk to us. Also, if you’re home by yourself and you need to take a shower, it can easily be carried in the bathroom with you.

There are different versions of this with different functions. We have the basic one and it’s perfect for our needs!


Sound Machine

We received the Hatch Rest as a gift and I LOVE it.  It has the ability to change colors, play different sounds at different levels and be controlled by your phone. You can also set times (like you would an alarm on your phone) for it to change color/sound. Because it has different colors, it serves as her nightlight as well.

We also have this sound machine that works just as well for us.  Bryn and I actually use this in our room and when we travel.


Floor Pillow

We made a little book corner in the nursery and I knew I wanted to find the perfect floor pillow. Finally, Target saved the day!  Every day we read books while sitting on this pillow. I hope to foster a love for reading in our little one and having a cozy spot to read is a must have!



Instead of a diaper bag that I have to carry over one shoulder, I wanted a bag that was more like a book bag! I like this bag, it has tons of pockets and the top of the bag opens up wide enough to see what is in the bag.  However, we’ve used it for 3 months and the zipper broke. I’m going to be searching for ones that are similar and hopefully will last us a bit longer!

Cloth Diapers

We don't use these as diapers, but, we DO use them as burp cloths or whatever else we may need to wipe up.  They are thick and wonderful.  PLEASE do yourself a favor a get some of these!
Here are a few more of our favorites as well:

Waterproof changing pad liners

These are a lifesaver! Instead of having to change the sheet every time our little one makes a mess on the changing pad, we just wipe this down or put it in the wash.  I highly recommend these!

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