Board and batten entryway wall tutorial.

Our entryway was desperately calling my name to give it some love.

Then it hit me! A board and batten wall.  And guess what, to make things even better, we already had all of the materials. So, convincing my husband was easy!

Here’s what we used:

MDF trim


Cordless nail gun

Drywall putty

Tape measure

Miter saw



The most important part of the entire project is measuring. Every wall is a different size so what we did won’t necessarily work for you.  But, here’s the basics.

  1. Measure the wall length. Ours is 150.75 inches.

  2. Decide how many openings you want on the wall, this will help you determine the spacing between them.  (For reference, ours are 17.5 inches apart and I think that’s the perfect distance.) We ended up with 7 openings, so 8 vertical trim boards.

  3. Measure the width of your trim. Ours were 3.5 inches.   

  4. Here’s the math: 150.75 (length of wall) - 28 (width of trim x number vertical trim boards) = 122.75 / 7 (number of openings) = 17.5 (distance between openings)



Paint the wall.

It’s a lot easier to paint when there isn’t anything on the wall so I was able to get a base coat up before the trim.  You could probably paint as many coats as you want before putting up the trim, I was just impatient.

I used the exact same paint that we used for our trim, as I wanted the color to be the same.



Cut your trim pieces to size and nail in place.

Cut the trim to size for the two outside vertical pieces and nail them in place.  Then cut the top vertical piece to size and nail in place. This will give you two starting points.

We then started nailing the vertical pieces in place on the bottom.  Since our openings are 17.5 and the trim pieces are 3.5, we measured 21 inches from one piece of trim and marked the beginning of the next.

We then finished by adding the middle horizontal piece and remaining top vertical pieces.



Fill nail holes and paint.

 A wall that was once empty is now beautiful! Here’s a quick before and after shot.

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