Parenting is hard, they said.

They said pregnancy is hard. Boy was it ever. They said pregnancy was beautiful. Yes, it sure was. They said people would make silly comments. Yes, I am convinced people just don't know what to say to a pregnant woman. I truly heard it all and could quite possibly write a book about it.

Everything that 'they' said was true, in one way or another, during pregnancy. 

They said labor was an experience I'll never forget. This my friends is true. They said bringing my baby into this world would be one of the hardest things I will ever do in life; physically and emotionally. Also VERY true.  Some memories may fade and I'm sure I will be thankful for that. But that day, those hours, that moment, I'll never forget it. Ever.

One thing they told me I'll cherish forever, that moment my husband holds our baby for the first time. Insert all the tears and heart eyes here.

I wouldn't have made it through labor without him. And the moment I laid eyes on him holding Isabel, I fell in love all over again. I experienced a love I didn't know existed. Your heart WILL grow, they said. 

It's true. It did. Not only for Isabel, but for my husband. Seeing him step into his role of 'daddy' has been one of the greatest feelings in the world.

The first few weeks are hard, they said. Everything is new. It's real life, but it's a 'new' real life. Things changed. Our dogs wondered what in the world we brought into our house and why it's not leaving. You'll have many tears, they said. True. But always a full heart.

Things will get easier, they said. Our little girl is eight weeks old and I can surely say, this is true. Either that, or we've just become rockstar parents. 

They said being a parent is hard, but so worth it. After what I've witnessed and felt in the past eight weeks, I believe it. We've been presented with so many new challenges, but the love that fills our four walls is growing every day, and for that I'm forever grateful.