Our kitchen status and my future plans for it.

Hi friends!

I’m back...with an update on our kitchen. It’s been a while since I have posted regularly on the blog, because well #momlife.

Today I am sharing how our kitchen is today and what my plans are to keep making it ‘ours’. It may look complete if you walk in our home, but we still have some small details to work out.  


My main goal is to make it feel like home.


My favorite part of our kitchen is the wall with our stove/fridge and open shelves. My vision for this wall came to life and is better than I imagined.  It makes the kitchen feel so open and fresh.

Here’s what we still need to do with this space:

  1. Somehow we lost the bottom to one of those shelves. Don’t ask how because I have no idea.  So, we need to make a new bottom.

  2. Add minor trimming around the cabinets and vent hood.

  3. The subway tile needs to be caulked.

  4. Add handles to the cabinets above the fridge.

  5. Touch up painting.

You probably would have never noticed those things, but I know they are still on the to-do list and someday we will get it done. Someday.

Check out how we DIYed:

1. Concrete countertops

2. Open shelving

3. Cabinets

The other side of our kitchen is, well, white. After all, this is what I wanted.


My goal for this side of the kitchen is to ‘warm’ it up a bit. Here’s my plans for this space:

  1. The subway tile needs to be caulked.

  2. Buy some clear jars for our food on the counter. This will bring more subtle colors to the countertops.

  3. Order new blinds for the window above the sink.  I’ve been eyeing the blinds I want to get, but I wanted to be sure it’s really what I wanted.  So, I’ve ordered a test blind for another space and if I love it, I am moving forward and getting the new blinds for this space! It will for sure warm up this space.

  4. Add some wood tones to the countertop.  I’m thinking some cute cutting boards, maybe some wooden rolling pins. I’m not sure yet, but when I find it I will know!

  5. Add handles to the lazy susan. I’ve been debating the handles for a while, but I think I finally decided what will look best.

The breakfast nook is the space that needs the most adjusting.

My plans for this space:

  1. Add blinds to the sliding door.  I want to be able to open the curtains, but not get all the light through. So, I decided on blinds under the curtains.  The blinds are supposed to be delivered this week, so watch my Instagram stories for this update!

  2. Add blinds to the windows.  We are debating on replacing our windows. Bryn hasn’t sold me on this yet, so for now I am just focusing on new blinds.

  3. Attach the table top to the base.  We’ve been living with this table top just sitting freely on the base. It’s annoying. But, I’d honestly like to build a top that’s just a bit smaller, it will allow for more walking space. But #wehaveababy.

  4. Paint the door to the garage. It’s white, but it’s the factory white so it doesn’t quite match my other doors.

Check out how we DIYed:

1. Table base

2. Drop cloth curtains

Whew, that’s a lot of stuff. The space is definitely livable and we love it, but it’s just not ‘finished’.  But will it ever be?

I don’t want to buy just anything to add to this space. I want to be sure I love it, so it’s taking some extra time. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and check out my Instagram stories for updates.

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