Our Hall Bathroom Remodel Project

Who decides to completely redo an entire bathroom right before a baby is born?  Me!

Call me crazy, but I wanted this large project done and out of the way before Baby Lawrence shows up to turn our world upside down.

If you’ve been following along our house journey over these past few years, you know we’ve been doing a lot of changing.  If you’re new around here or if you’d like to take a look back at some of the things we’ve done, check them out below!


Today, though, is all about our hall bathroom.  Let’s start from the beginning. Our home was built in the 80’s, so the style of the bathroom reflected that. Here's the best picture I could find of the bathroom when we first moved in.  Imagine wallpaper, a yellowish bathtub, toilet, vanity top and tile, etc. 

Because I wanted to make it look prettier, I did some cosmetic things to the bathroom right away. If you’re looking for a cost effective way to enhance the look of your bathroom here are some things I did that you can do too!

  1. Remove wallpaper and paint the walls.

  2. Put on new cabinet handles.

  3. Add a new shower curtain / remove old door.

  4. Change the mirror, faucet, towels, decor.

After doing this stuff, here’s what we ended up with.

Better, right!? While this was fine and we lived with it for a while, it was just time for something new, fresh and clean!



We (meaning my husband and dad) literally cut the shower in pieces, spent hours ripping up the old tile flooring, tearing out the ceiling, removing drywall, removing the vanity, countertop and exhaust fan.

It feels good to get rid of all of the old, however, sometimes when you look at that blank slate, it’s a little overwhelming! I’ll admit it, I was really pushing my husband to move things along - because hello, we have a baby coming! :)



Adjust the plumbing if needed and install the shower/tub.

We needed to rework a few things for the shower.  To get it done faster and to not have to worry about it, we hired a plumber for this part.

Once the plumbing was complete, we were able to install the shower/tub combo.  For remodels, they come in 4 pieces - the tub and 3 walls. We were advised by many experts to buy a Sterling brand tub/shower combo.



Install drywall, cement backer board and move exhaust fan.

When ripping the tub out, the drywall had to come out around it. And because we were going to put in new tile, we needed a cement backer board on the floor.

This part isn’t too hard, it’s just a matter of measuring and cutting the right size pieces.

We ran into a hiccup at this step and had to rebuild a few small walls.  We wanted the walls around the shower to be flat so we could tile around it, so this step was SO important!


Install tile flooring.

We tested out a few different patterns of the tile before we actually started the process.

Once we figured out the best way to lay the tile we went to town.

*Tip* You want to be sure you have the most FULL tiles showing that you can.

I could do an entire post on tiling, so I’ll save the little details for another day. But this process took several hours (measuring, cutting, dry fitting, laying).  We waited until the next day to grout the tile and for reference, we used ⅛ tile spacers.



Priming and painting.

We primed and painted the walls/ceiling throughout the entire process. However, we made sure to have the painting done before we installed the vanity.

We used Light French Gray (from SW) on the walls, and Peppercorn for the cabinet.



Tile around the shower.

We used a small subway tile to create a pattern around the shower/tub and used the same grey grout from the floor.  We decided to do this for looks and to keep the water off of the drywall. We also used the same ⅛ spacers for this tile.


Install vanity and countertop.

We actually saved the original vanity and my dad graciously offered to fix it up and paint it for us.  The main reason we did this was because it was the perfect size for the space and if we bought something new, it would have been smaller (they don’t make the same size vanities anymore) and we didn’t want to lose storage space!

We thought about building a brand new one, but that would have taken us way more time, and we just didn’t have the time!

We custom ordered a new countertop to fit the odd size vanity.  This process was simple and I was able to pick out all the features of the countertop (square edge, square/continuous bowl, white color, holes for the faucet, etc).


Install the toilet, fixtures, and decor.

This process was a little time consuming, but nothing too hard.  I picked out all of the fixtures from Lowe’s a month or so ahead of time and had them delivered so everything was ready when we needed it.

I made the decision to invest in some nicer things this time around in hopes that they will last us a long time!

Ta - da! I am so in love with this bathroom. It feels so open, fresh and clean.

This bathroom is sure to evolve over time. Once our little one is born, it’s going to be filled with baby towels, toys, rugs, you name it.  But, after all, that’s why we pushed to get this bathroom done before the baby arrives - just for them.

Also, you probably noticed I don't have decor on the walls or rugs on the floor.  You can follow my Instagram stories (greywoodmama) for behind the scenes stuff as I find and add new things to the bathroom.

Wall color: Light French Gray (Sherwin Williams)
Vanity Color: Peppercorn (Sherwin Williams)
Mirror: Hobby Lobby
Vanity top: Home Depot
Soap dish/pump: Target
Handles: Amazon
Faucet: Lowes
Toilet: Lowes
Tile: Traditional Floors
Subway Tile: Lowes
Shower: Lowes (Sterling)
Shower fixtures: Amazon
Shower curtain: Target
Shower curtain hooks: Target
Light: Lowes
Towel bar/toilet paper bar: Lowes