A Boho Style, Gender Neutral Nursery

Are you ready to see how this nursery came to life? Keep reading.

Baby Lawrence’s nursery has quickly become my favorite room in the house. Yes, you read that right - we are expecting a little bundle of joy in May!

Are we finding out the gender? Nope!
Do we have names picked out? Sort of. But we are not telling!

We are beyond excited for our little one to arrive.  I already feel so blessed.

When planning our little one’s nursery, I always knew I wanted something simple and not ‘pink’ or ‘blue’.  So my first ideas for this room swirled around the idea of grey and cream.

We had already painted this room grey a while back, secretly knowing this could someday become a nursery, so the walls were already done.

When thinking about a ‘theme’ I originally picked out a few things that were more industrial / wood themed (because that’s really what the rest of our house consists of). But, once I started looking more I discovered I loved more of the boho look.

My inspiration for the room started with this piece.

I’m not even sure what to call these things, but I love them.  It’s perfect for this open wall and to be placed right above the crib.

Speaking of the crib, I knew I wanted white and something to match the other furniture in our house (our wood furniture). After searching far and wide, I came across this crib at Target. It’s the perfect blend of white and wood with simple, clean lines.

The other thing I love about it is that it looks beautiful with just the crib sheet on the mattress and that’s it. No extra stuff, no skirting. It’s beautifully simple. (Well, except for the pillows. You have to add cute pillows when decorating any space!  And no, these pillows will not be staying in the crib when the baby is in there!)

The wood goes so well with the piece right across the room - our multi-use table. We built this piece of furniture a long time ago.  It’s been in our living room serving many different purposes, but now it will serve as our love bug’s changing table and clothes/blanket storage.

We plan to build a wood box to put the changing pad inside of - but this is on the 'project list' and keeps getting pushed back!

It’s the perfect height to be a changing table and has tons of room on the top for extra things.  I knew I wanted a mirror above it, so this one from Target was perfect. I added a few floral stems from Hobby Lobby into this beautiful marble vase and this quickly became one of my favorite spaces.

Yes, I realize once the baby is able to grab at things this vase will not last here - but for now I love it.

For easy access to diapers and wipes, we are using this wood tray.  This is something I have used in other places of the house. Have you found a theme? I love to find many uses for decor in my house!

Because this piece of furniture has an open shelf, I knew I needed storage for outfits, blankets, socks, diapers, you name it.  These wicker baskets were already being used throughout our house and they work perfectly on this shelf now.

To the left of the changing table is our cozy corner. We found this rocker at Target and so far I love it. I’ve spent quite a bit of time rocking in it myself.  

The ottoman is also from Target. I originally purchased one that was round and neutral colored, but this one seems to be more functional/practical - it’s more firm, it's flat on the top and it has feet!

Behind the rocker are two pictures I made myself - I wanted a touch of ‘playful’ in the room and these animal drawings are perfect in the wood frames. (To see how I made these, check out my Instagram saved stories.)

After many ideas for a book corner (I started with a canopy and a tent, but went away from both ideas.) I ended up with these lovely baskets from World Market hanging on the wall.

Another great thing about them is they can easily be taken off the wall and carried somewhere else.


The space above the book baskets was hard for me to fill.  I had such a difficult time finding just the right piece for the wall.  I knew I wanted a shelf, but also a little bit of storage too. This gold shelf from Hobby Lobby was just what I needed!

Baskets are a definite must in any room, so of course baby Lawrence will have many.  I found this wire basket a while back at Lowe’s and it’s perfect for our blankets.

These fabric bins were an awesome find at TJ Maxx - two different sizes.  I plan to use them for dirty clothes, stuffed animals, toys, or whatever else might find a home here.

I also received this wicker basket with handles from a dear friend, it fits all of our little toys perfectly!

I already mentioned the wicker baskets on the shelf for outfits, bibs, etc.  The square wicker baskets on the floor are also from a dear family member and were added to hold more swaddles/blankets - perfect for quick and easy access!

And to add little pops of color, we received some beautiful handmade blankets/quilts from family members/friends. I am so thankful!

This room makes me smile every time I walk in.  I know it will be the perfect spot for our little one to grow and learn. Obviously I know it will evolve and change over time, but I’m loving the way it is right now, for a little while longer anyway.

Oh yes, and this little guy is loving it just as much as I am. You can find him laying in this spot just about every time I am in this room.

Thanks for stopping by to see how this nursery came to life. We are beyond excited to become a family of 3 (plus 2 fur babies).

Courtney & Bryn

Shared Light Photography

P.S. Check out my Instagram stories (greywoodmama) later today for a tour of this space!

Wall color: Sherwin Williams Mindful Grey
Rug (large): Target
Rug (small): Menards
Crib: Target
Crib sheet: Target
Wall hanging: TJ Maxx
Wood changing table: DIY
Mirror: Target
Vase: Target
Floral stems: Hobby Lobby
Wood tray (similar): Target
Wicker baskets (similar): Target
Square wicker baskets: Target
Rocker: Target
Ottoman: Target
Pillows: Target / TJ Maxx
Animal frames: Hobby Lobby
Lamp: Hobby Lobby
Marble top side table: Target
Curtains: Bed Bath and Beyond
Curtain rod: Target
Book baskets: World Market
Book crate: DIY (Similar: Lowe's)
Wire basket (similar): Target
Alphabet blanket: Katsch
Fabric baskets: TJ Maxx
Floor lamp: Target
Gold shelf: Hobby Lobby
Gold elephant: Antique mall
Blocks: Antique mall
Wood chair: Antique mall
Stuffed animals: Target, Von Maur, Kohls