Friday Favorites: What's in my Target cart!

It’s Friday, Friends!

The holidays are here and let’s face it, Target has some great deals going on. Whenever I get the chance to pop on Instagram, I always like to see what people are ordering from Target - because if it’s something good, I want to get in on the deal too!

So, here it goes - what’s in my Target cart!

Click on the photos to go to the item.


There are SO many great deals going on right now for women’s pajamas. I just ordered the cream pajamas FOR 12 DOLLARS and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Christmas Decorations

Every year I get new ideas about how I want to decorate our house for Christmas. I didn’t buy too many new things this year, but I did order this ribbon for our faux flocked tree. It was $5.00 and well worth it. And also these red ornaments to add more color to the tree - again $5.00. Check them out on our tree below.


I’ve also had my eye these items from the Magnolia collection, too!

Laundry Stain Remover

I recently took a poll on Instagram (greywoodmama) of what y’all use to get stains out of your baby clothes/bibs. This was by far the most popular answer so I decided to try it out. Friends, it works! I let it sit on a stain (for about a week) that I washed and dried and IT CAME OUT! I also use it for day to day stains and it works wonders.


If you’re looking to stay cozy and warm this winter, look no further. I made the decision to get a down comforter and duvet a few months ago and I have never been more excited to go to bed each night.

I ordered these shams as well - they are 20/30 PERCENT OFF right now!

Board Games

We love to buy board games as Christmas gifts. Here are some of our favorites and ones we’ve purchased this year for various people.


Target has recently had some great deals on sweaters, here’s a few of my favorites.

If you order the yellow one, note that it’s a tad boxy and almost needs to be tucked in the front. I usually would like to size up in sweaters, but this one I ordered my normal size.


Finally, I thought I’d mention this as I’ve gotten some questions on it. It’s on sale right now for $37.99!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend - happy Target shopping!