Choosing Interior Doors For Your Home

One piece of the puzzle to our home renovation project is doors. Interior and exterior doors.  Deciding to replace your interior doors or refinish your existing interior doors is a huge decision.  Not only does it involve a lot of time, but it can also cost a lot of money.

If you’re considering new interior doors in your home for any reason, there are a few questions to ask yourself first.


Does this project really need to be done?

I ask this question for a few reasons:

1) It’s very time consuming.  I can’t tell you how long we have lived without doors in our home.  Things happen, life goes on, and the doors just haven’t been a huge priority. So, if you can’t live without doors in your home or things being a mess for a while, maybe reconsider the project.

2) It isn’t cheap.  We decided to redo our entire home from everything wood to everything white.  With that being said, I didn’t want to keep our old wood doors because they wouldn’t match (and some of them were damaged).  This leads me to my next question..

Should you consider refinishing the doors you already have or purchase new?

The cheapest option (and probably fastest) would be to buy some paint (and other supplies) and refinish the doors. This can be a great option for most people - a (semi) quick fix!  But because we had a few doors that were damaged, we decided to purchase new.

Another reason we decided to purchase new is because of the style. Which leads me to my next question..

What’s your style?

Our old doors were essentially just a slab. Nothing fancy, no designs. Since we are redoing our entire home and making things more ‘modern’, I wanted our interior doors to really make a statement.

There are so many options to choose from - raised panels, decorative designs, glass, etc. You may surprise yourself and fall in love with a door style you didn’t expect!

Do you need to match existing doors?

Besides the interior doors in our home (bedroom doors, bathroom doors, pantry doors, etc.) we also have closet doors and our doors going to the outside. When thinking about new interior doors, you will need to consider the existing doors in your home. Will they match? Compliment each other well?

We’ve recently replaced our front door, and I decided to take the easy route and paint our bedroom closet doors, so making sure everything goes together was a huge priority in the overall look and feel of each room.

What hardware will you use?

Don’t forget about the hardware!  Hardware can totally change the look of a door.  With the closet doors, I simply spray painted the existing handles black and it completely transformed the look! (Side note, this is also a quick fix for kitchen cabinets. You can drastically improve the look of your kitchen just by switching out the handles and knobs.)

For our new interior doors, I wanted something simple, yet modern (and budget friendly).  The old hardware was neither of those things, so in the trash it went.  Hardware allows you to put your personal touch on the door, because again SO many choices!

Here are the links to the door knobs we bought:
No lock

As you can see, it's a messy process.  By now though, I'm totally over the mess - I'm just ready to live in a 'finished' home. (Who am I kidding, our home will never be totally 'finished'.)

I plan to share more once everything is completed. I promise, we are getting there little by little! 2018 is going to be a big year for us, stay tuned for some exciting new posts coming to the blog in the next few months.