That Big Comfy Chair & A Little Bit of Christmas!

Things have been kind of slow around here lately.  In case you missed it, here's the latest update on our house progress. Things will pick back up, soon. I hope. 

But, in the meantime I'm back with a fun Christmas post...featuring a super comfy chair! :)

Who loves to be comfy?  (Insert hand raised emoji here.)

I love a big comfy couch. I love to sink in with many pillows, a soft blanket and a great Netflix series and stay all day long.  Anyone else?

When we decided to move our furniture around and make an official sitting room, I knew we need a super comfy oversized chair. I of course looked all over the internet for the best ‘farmhouse’ comfy chairs. Here are some that I found:

I would have ordered these chairs on the spot, but Bryn wanted to be able to actually sit in the chair before we purchased it.  Because friends, oversized chairs are NOT cheap.

I made my way to a few furniture stores and landed at Lay-Z-Boy. If you haven’t been in a Lay-Z-Boy store, you should go just to look around.  It’s a really great place for inspiration.  And what had me at hello was their fabric wall.  Friends, you can customize the furniture you buy.  

There were SO many patterns and colors to choose from, but I was looking for a cream, linen fabric.

After identifying 3 different chairs of interest, Bryn and I tested them all out, multiple times.  Our sales representative (Roberta - for you locals) at the store was incredibly helpful in choosing what was going to fit our needs and also in picking out fabrics.

I also decided that I needed a few pillows, because hello, who doesn’t love extra pillows? Especially when there are SO many cute fabrics to choose from.

Once the order was submitted, it took around 10 weeks to be delivered.

Here's a few tips for you to consider when looking for a new furniture piece:

1. If you customize your furniture piece it will be a bit more expensive than the price on the tag.  So, are you looking to save some money?  Fall in love with a piece of furniture on the showroom floor.

2. Be sure to do your homework and check out other stores to price compare and of course, compare the comfort of the furniture. 

3. Be sure to measure the space in your home before picking out a piece of furniture.  You would not want to fall in love with a couch, order it and it not fit in your living room!

So, here you go friends! Our comfy chair (that actually is a pull out twin-sized bed, too) in our sitting room all decorated for the holidays!

(Scroll though the photos.) Loving those red pillows (Target), blanket (TJ Maxx) and my reindeer pillow. You can find out how to make that one, here. Oh and my jammies? Target!

The Christmas tree is King of Christmas, 7ft tall, flocked pencil.  

Most of the ornaments I found at Hobby lobby and TJ Maxx.

Greenery, lights, antique pieces, cookies. What could be better?

Nash and Roman love to be comfy, too. Sometimes that means laying on each other!

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