What I Wish People Knew About Home Lighting on a Budget

Hey everyone! My name is Krista, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to guest post for you all on greywoodmama today!

I am a stay-at-home mama to an energetic 17 month old babe boss, who certainly keeps me working hard! A month before our little man was born, my husband and I purchased our first home. We got our home for a great deal, but it was a bit of a fixer upper. With a new baby along with my decision to stay home from my full time job this year, money has been tight. Thus, we have had to get pretty creative in how we go about overhauling our space. One of the things we figured out pretty quickly that we could redo fairly cheaply was our home lighting. We were left with mouths agape many times when we ran across the prices online or in the store for lighting options that suited our style and felt that we just could not justify spending that much most of the time. Thus, we went the DIY route and worked to repurpose the lighting we did have. We have done this now for nearly every light on our first floor, and I have to admit, it has now become a challenge I rather enjoy. There is just something about seeing how we can create a masterpiece from a “disaster-piece” (or really just your plain old run of the mill light).

So without further ado, I am going to share with you today “what I wish people knew about home lighting on a budget” via 5 DIY, penny pinching lighting ideas straight from our home.

1) The Dollar Tree Basket Light - The title basically sums it up. We had a globe light in our entry space, that we were just not loving at all. We took down the globe, left all the hardware in place and replaced it with a basket that I purchased for a dollar. We ended up spray painting the basket with some Rustoleum (Burnished Amber) we had on hand, which in turn did not cost us a penny more. So once again, grand total - $1.


2) The “Twine-kling” Chandelier- I think nearly every house is built with one of these beautiful statement pieces hanging from the ceiling - you know what I am referring to - the brass, dining room chandelier. We were blessed with one as well. And I do mean that honestly. Because from the moment I saw it, I knew that I could turn it from drab to fab in no time. For this piece, we simply took it down for an afternoon, sprayed on a coat or two of Rustoleum (White Chalk Paint) and let it dry. Once dry, I took a glue gun along with some twine I had on hand to each of the candle bases to add a little extra flair. And that was that. Grand total - $7 (cost of paint).


3) The “Hamilton” - How’d this one receive it’s name? Simple - it’s named after the president on the whopping $10 bill that it cost us to create it. Prior to having this new orb light in our hallway we had a lovely brass & floral cube looking piece that was hanging there. You can see more of the full project from start to finish here. Similar to many of our other lights, we reused all of the hardware, including the based where the lights sit. The only change we made was ditching the cube and adding this adorable orb I spotted at Hobby Lobby for $10. We gave everything a fresh coat of paint with our favorite Rustoleum (Burnished Amber), and it was ready to go. (And yes, we still have a lovely piece of twine hanging down to turn it on and off as for some strange reason there were no switches added in our hall - so for now - it will do.) Grand Total - $10.



4) Little Man’s Lampshade Light - Our little guy had one of those beautiful “boob” lights, as I have heard them referred to, in his room prior to its facelift. My husband and I had actually purchased a pair of lamps for our living room a few weeks prior and had replaced the original lampshades leaving us with two extra plain white ones to do with as we wished. I am all about saving things that may come in handy some day, and when we were brainstorming how we could redo the nursery light, I was glad I did. For this light, we simply took down the boring “boob” light, leaving the base and lights behind, and then used the hardware that was already insight of the lampshade to hook it into the base. We seriously tried it out thinking it was a crazy idea, and it ended up being a crazy good one. Grand Total - Free (we already had the shade on hand).



5) Basement Brass turned Rustic Room Light - I have always wanted a chandelier over my bed. There is just something so elegant about it to me. So when my husband and I discovered an additional brass chandelier hanging in his “man cave” otherwise known as our basement, he was more than willing to help carry it upstairs. To redo this light, I used FolkArt Chalk Paint (base coat - Castle, top coat - Antiquing Wax). I left the lights and their bases as is to have a bit of a pop of white. I used coupons and was able to get each of the containers of paint for around $6 each. Thus, grand total for this one - $12.



So a just a little recap for my fellow budget-minded folk - if we add up the cost of each of the lights, we spent a whopping $30 total to redo five lights in our home. Friends, you could easily spend far more that $30 on one light alone if you were to purchase it brand new. Again, we redid FIVE lights for $30.  

Honestly, it’s amazing what a little creativity, paint, glue and the Dollar Tree can do. If you are on a tight budget like us, and thinking to yourself - we can’t afford to replace these lights any time soon - you have seen it here, it can be done!

For more home renovation ideas along with a whole lot of life as a mama with a little one running around, check out my blog at www.happyasweknowit.com. And special thanks again to Courtney, for the opportunity to join in this series alongside you all!