What I Wish People Knew About...Having a Workshop / Art Studio Separate From the House

Happy Wednesday, friends!

I'm so glad you're here today. Today's post is a video from one of my favorite woodworkers / artists, Jon Peters.

Before my husband and I starting building our own furniture, we found Jon on You Tube and started watching his videos each week.  And guess what, we still watch his videos together each week - they are so educational for us, but also interesting and entertaining!

One thing that we love about Jon (or I guess I should say, one thing we are jealous about) is that he has a workshop / art studio separate from his house, and it's a red barn!


In the video below you will find answers to the following:

1. When you bought your property, the barn was already there. Did you hire help or do the renovation yourself? What specifically did you do? How long did it take?

2. What are the positives about having a workshop / art studio separate from your house?

3. What are the drawbacks (if any) about having the barn?

4. What organization systems do you have in place? (This can be in the workshop or your art studio.) For example, how do you organize your tools? How do you organize your wood? How do you organize your finished art?

5. What are your future plans for the barn?

Thank you SO much, Jon, for taking the time to be a guest on the blog today.  If you'd like to check out more of Jon's You Tube videos (and to see more / learn more about that beautiful barn), go to his channel here.

And if you're interested in checking out his website, you can find that here.

Also, check out some of Jon's woodworking and artwork below!

Aren't these walnut tables just beautiful!?

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