1 Year Adoption Update!

It’s been ONE YEAR (actually longer) since we’ve adopted these loving boys.

What did we get ourselves into!?  Totally kidding.  I could not say enough positive things about my boys.  

For our one year adoption update, I’m going to give you lots of cute pictures and what we’ve learned over the past year of living life with two greyhounds.



There is always going to be water on the floor.

Our boys are messy drinkers.  Maybe all greys are messy drinkers? We feed the boys in the kitchen and after they are done eating and drinking, somehow there is always water on the floor.  WET SOCKS. End of story.

We must find a solution to this.  Please help!  Do you use a rug? Under their food/water bowls?



Give your adopted dog / grey time to truly open up and trust you.

I’ve said this to just about anyone who will listen to me; Nash and Roman truly feel at home. It’s been such an amazing thing to see how their personalities have opened up over the past year.  It’s such a special feeling to see them walk around the corner, stop and just smile at us.  It melts my heart. Every. Single. Time.



Toys are important.

Our last grey didn’t really care too much about toys, but our boys just love their toys. Every morning when they wake up, they run to the living room to find a toy to play with.  Every day when we let them out of their crates, they run upstairs and find a toy to carry around.  It’s almost like a security blanket, carrying around a toy is a must in our house.

Speaking of loving toys, our vet made a house visit a few weeks ago and brought each of the boys their own bag of Halloween toys.  They absolutely love them! We've had Halloween toys and stuffing all over our house and I don't mind one bit.  Thanks Dr. Turner!



Speaking of the vet, they are like angel children at the vet.

We’ve only been two times (once when we first got them, and once a few weeks ago).  Each time we’ve been, they have been SO good.  A few weeks ago when we went, they each had to get a few shots and some blood drawn.  They didn’t even flinch. Good dog parenting? I’d like to think so!

Side note, Roman gained a healthy 10 pounds over the year and Nash gained a healthy 8 pounds over the year.  



They are full of love.

Our boys love to be loved and to give love.  They will cuddle with you on the floor any time of day.  They love attention, but what’s super nice is that they are also completely content on their own without our attention.

They bring so much joy to our lives, we couldn’t be more grateful.