The Decision to Have ALL White Trim.


Before we decided to make a huge mess remodel our home, we had oak trim, cabinets, and doors all throughout the house.  Now don’t get me wrong, it was nice and I actually didn’t mind it at all.

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I hear a lot of people call white trim ‘modern’.  Is it really modern? I shouldn’t be the one to judge.  I think it’s a personal preference actually.  I think you can have a modern home and have beautiful wood trim.

So why did I decided to make a huge mess replace all of our wood trim?

Everything started with the kitchen.  Currently, I have a love for white cabinets, subway tile and shiplap.  With all of that in the kitchen, we had to have white trim or it would just look silly.  


And I’m one of ‘those people’ who doesn’t like having mixed colors on my trim (white in one room and wood in others).  I just like things to be cohesive.  So, this meant that ALL the trim in the house had to be replaced. Oops, what did we just get ourselves into!?

Before I show you our progress, let me give you some honest opinions about this decision.

The thought of it seemed easy enough.

Key word. Seemed.

You don’t realize how much trim you actually have in your house until you have to remove it all. At first, I didn’t do so hot.  I split tons of boards, I hurt my fingers in the process, it took me forever, etc. It just was not pretty.  But I’m now on to my 4th room in the house and I’m rocking it now!

Lesson to be learned: Practice really does make perfect.

It will be easy to put back on.

Bryn and I build furniture, so why on earth would I think that putting trim on the wall would be difficult?  Well friends, it’s not difficult, it’s just tedious.  Sometimes you have to measure and cut THE SAME PIECE 5 times.  I like to get things done, and putting up trim just takes a lot of time.

Lesson to learned: However much time you thought it would take you to replace your trim, double it or maybe even triple it.

Painting the trim.

Since we decided to go with white trim, it all had to be painted.  We used Sherwin Williams Pure White. Friends, this was quite the process. You have a couple options here.  Have trim delivered to your location of painting, or go pick it up.

We opted to go pick it up. So, we borrowed a family member’s trailer and went to Lowes. We bought ALL of the trim they had (in the style we wanted).  


Once we got it home the painting process started.  My sweet grandma came over and helped me paint, so it only took us one full day.  But here’s how we managed.


After we finished painting ALL of that trim, I calculated that it would only be enough for our 3 bedrooms.  Bah humbug.  Round two of all this is coming in the near future.

Lessons to be learned:  If you’re painting outside in a warm climate, you will have to bring the boards inside to ‘get acclimated’ before installing.  I moved our trim around like 5 times - complete waste of time.

Next time, we will be painting the trim in the basement and leaving it there until we are ready to use it.


Surprisingly we are making progress.  Slowly, but surely.

We started with our extra bedroom - because you know, practice makes perfect.


We have the baseboards on, and the trim around the door and closet door on.  Next up is the window. Then the rest of the house.

I will save ‘installing the trim’ for another day. We are still learning, and I want you to know the good, bad, and the ugly.

Until then, follow me on Instagram (greywoodmama) for behind the scenes photos and watch my stories for videos of our progress!

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