10 ways to make your house a home.

You don’t realize just how much you appreciate ‘home’ until you’re not there for a few days.

While at home on normal days, we tend to get stressed out with the fact that our houses aren’t perfect.  We always have things we’d like to change or update.  There’s always cleaning to be done. Laundry.  Oh laundry.

But why?  Why can’t we just enjoy home as it is?

Coming ‘home’ after being away for a few days really made me think about our home and all we’ve done to make it ours.  It’s so special.  It’s so unique.  It’s so ours, and we love it.

So, I made a list of all the things we’ve done to make our house a home and I want to share it with you.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we are still in the remodeling stages.  We have a kitchen that isn’t quite finished, we have walls without trim, and so much more we’d like to give a little love.

But in the meantime, I’m enjoying what we have done.

Disclaimer - I took some of these photos right when we got home as I was writing this, so it’s real life, nighttime photos.


Items we made.

Okay, this is probably my favorite and the most important.  If I’ve said this once I’ve said it a million times, we would rather make something ourselves then buy it at the store.  Anything from a decor item, a painted picture, to a piece of furniture.  There’s nothing more special than having your home filled with things YOU made/built.



Pillows on the beds and couch.

I love pillows.  They just make everything seem more cozy.  Our bed is full of pillows.  Our couch is full of pillows.  We have pillows on random chairs.  You can never have enough pillows.

You can find a few of the pillows I love here, here and here.


Check out how I made this DIY reindeer pillow, here.



To be honest, I don’t have a lot of plants.  I just can’t keep them alive.  Remember in this post I shared how I built a planter for a fern? Well, I got two ferns and here’s what they look like.


A little brown.  But that’s ok.  It’s good enough for me.


Grow some herbs/vegetables.

Speaking of plants, this year we decided to plant a garden.  Find out all about how we did that, here.  This garden makes up for my lack of plants.  We’ve had it for a few weeks now, and it’s looking awesome.  There’s just something special about knowing we are eating food we’ve grown in our backyard.



Make a cozy space.

There’s nothing better than a cozy spot to read a good book.  Of course the couch is always great, but I love to have a few spaces that are cute, but also functional.


(This is from a few years ago. But, I wanted to point out how versatile furniture can be.  These cute chairs are now at the ends of my dining table.)


Fill unused spaces.

This is a tough one.  Give your home some love by filling an unused space with something beautiful.  In our entryway we had a blank wall/open space that was kind of awkward for most things.  So, it became the perfect space for this entryway bench I built for only $50 and that wood hanging rack (above the bench) for coats, purses, and more.



Create a gallery wall of items you love.

Hanging pictures and items you love together in an arrangement unique to you is just what your home needs.  I love to mix wood with metals and photos with pictures we’ve made.


Here’s how I created our gallery wall.


Light some candles (and lamps).

Ahh, candles.  I love candles.  Not only do they smell good, they are so cozy.  There’s something so relaxing about lighting a pretty candle (or 4) at night.  I also love lamp light.  You’ll hardly ever find our ceiling lights on in the house, because lamp light is just so much better.  Big lamps, small lamps, I’ve got um'.



DIY projects.

This kind of goes along with items we’ve made.  But I’m going to make this category more about the bigger projects.  Like pouring concrete countertops in our kitchen.  It was quite the process, but we LOVE how they turned out, and our kitchen is so much more special because of it.



Furry friends.

We love our fur babies.  They welcome us with huge smiles and kisses. They truly are a stress reliever. Adopting Nash and Roman back in October has been one of the best things we’ve done. See how they have adjusted in their 3 month update and their 6 month update.  Stay tuned for their 9 month update coming soon!


Okay friends, that’s TEN things to do to make your house a home. Putting some thought behind the things that go in our home is so important to us.  If it doesn’t fit our ‘home style’ we don’t bring it inside.

Is our home perfect? Absolute not.  Is it clean? Nope. Not always. But it’s ours, and we love it.

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