Raised bed garden - it's not too late to plant!

Every year we say we’re going to plant a garden - and then we don’t. Sound familiar to anyone?

It sounds wonderful and all, but honestly, there’s a lot about planting that I don’t know.  I am on level 1 of planting if there is such thing.  Buy a plant, get some dirt, find an empty pot and go to town.  Maybe add some water and plant food as well.

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Bryn has planted a garden before, so thankfully he knows a little more than me.  But I still wouldn’t say we know what we’re doing. I mean after all, planting a garden is trial and error anyway, right?

Thankfully, we have a family member who is a master gardener!  Yes. You read that right.  He knows everything about almost every plant.  I’m talking where they need to be planted in the yard, how much light they need, water, types of soil, etc.

In order to get up to speed with some garden knowledge and to keep our soon to be planted garden alive, we took a visit to his home.  And learned ALL about plants.


Very educational I must say.  I hope that someday I am as passionate about plants as he is.  It’s so beautiful and relaxing.

But for now, I will stick to the basics. Whatever ‘basic’ is.

The Planter.

Unless we wanted our garden to become dog food, we needed to build something that would keep the plants out of reach to the pups.

Speaking of the pups, it's almost time for their 9 month adoption update. Stay tuned for that, but in the meantime, check out their 6 month adoption update!


Yes, they were so excited for this new garden.  Little did they know we had a plan to keep them out of it!

Here’s how we built it.

3 2x6 of treated lumber (12 ft)
6 cedar fence boards (6 ft)
6 cedar fence boards (4 ft)
Pocket hole screws
Scrap wood (2x4s worked for us)
#4 hardware cloth Landscape fabric

Kreg jig
Wire cutters
Miter saw
Staple gun


Cut all boards to size.

Cut list for 2x6s: 57” x 2 36” x 2 42” x 4 15 ½” x 4

Cut list for fencing: 6 57" boards 6 36" boards


Apparently Bryn was working in the wee hours of the night.

Drill pocket hole screws and attach the bottom frame to the legs.  Picture fail.   We didn't get a picture of this step, but here's one from further along so you can get the idea.


Attach your 15 1/2" boards to the inside of the leg, then use pocket holes to attach the side board to the leg.

Once the base is assembled, cut the #4 hardware cloth to size and staple in place.


**We ended up adding some extra 2x4s to the bottom for more support.


They just went from one side to the other, pocket hole screws to attach.

Attach your fencing boards to the legs with a nail gun.


The soil.

We got a truckload of topsoil from a local company. Check out this video, it’s pretty neat.

Once we got it home, we were able to unload it and start filling the planter!


Don't forget to put the landscape fabric on the bottom!


Check out this video to see what else we used for our garden! (This is from my Instagram stories - follow me on Instagram for me behind the scenes stuff!)

Here are the links to the materials: Garden soil Mushroom compost Cocoa shells


Let’s get planting!

Once the soil was ready, we made a trip to the store for some plants!


I totally wanted grapes.  But, we ended up with:

Tomatoes (red and yellow) Basil Chives Mint Sweet peppers Cilantro

And because we didn’t have a garden shovel to use, we improvised and used a large spoon to help plant.


Oh and those adorable gloves, find them here. Target. And they come in different colors!

And speaking of spoons. I wanted to remember what each plant was, so I grabbed some plastic spoons and a permanent marker and wrote the names inside the spoon.


 Aren’t they just the cutest little garden name tags?


Oh yes, we also added a few additional trim pieces to the sides for some extra support. They just screw into the legs.

Are any of you seasoned gardeners?  We welcome any and all advice!

What have you planted?  What's worked for you and what hasn't?  Let me know in the comments!

Up next, we need some landscaping around this garden. So. Many. Projects. To. Do.

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