Kitchen appliance/product reviews


This has sure been a long process.  A lot of ups and downs.  I think the question I get the most is would I do this all over again.  When this kitchen is finally done I will do an overview of everything from start to finish.

But, today you’re in luck!  We’ve had our appliances for about 8 months now.  I feel like that’s a good amount of time to get to know each other, right?

If you’re in the market a new appliance (or kitchen gadget), you’ll want to stay a while. Today, I'm giving you my honest opinions.  All the pros and cons. 

*This post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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I’m going to start with the fridge, because hello, that’s probably the appliance we use the most. We’re hungry all the time.



  • It has a TON of space.  We specifically bought a fridge with the freezer on the bottom because it allows for more space up top (which we use most of the time).
  • The shelving units in the doors are extremely useful.  We can store milk, juice, tea, etc. in the large ones and sauces, dressings, etc. in others. It keeps everything organized, which I love.
  • It has a very large drawer for cheese, deli meats, etc.  We buy a lot of cheese and this extremely large and FLAT drawer allows for me to see everything that’s in the drawer.
  • You can adjust the shelving units to make more or less space.
  • The freezer drawer is a plus for us.  We enjoy being able to pull out the drawer to see everything that’s in it.  The ice tray is also on the top drawer.  We don’t use that a ton, but it’s been handy for us.


  • You MUST shut the left door before the right door.  This is probably my biggest pet peeve.  Because of the way the fridge is designed, it has a small flap on the left door that must close first.  If we had young kids, I don’t think they would understand this concept, and I feel like we would constantly have a fridge door sitting open.
  • No water/ice in the front of the door.  I put this on the con list, but this wasn’t something we wanted so to us it’s actually not a con, but to some it might be.

Electric Range
This decision was tough.  There’s a lot of options on the market.


  • The controls are on the front of the range.  For us, this is extremely handy.  There’s no reaching across the stove to turn things on/off.  However, I have heard stories about people’s pets jumping on the counter and pushing buttons on the stove.  So, if you have a pet who gets on the counter, do not buy this.
  • To add to the first point, there’s nothing on the back of the stove.  So guess what?  You can see more of the beautiful subway tile!
  • It’s electric.  (Anyone else just think of this song?) We wanted electric (or should I say Bryn wanted electric). If I am being honest, this is a personal preference.  Some people enjoy cooking with gas and if that’s you don’t buy this.  But for us, this works perfectly.
  • It can be a traditional oven or a convection.  I’ve used both, and again, this is personal preference.  But needless to say, we have the option to cook with one or the other.


  • Not sure what happened, but the light on the inside of the oven went out after like one week.  We haven’t tried anything to fix it, maybe it’s just loose.
  • As with any electric range, the glass top has marks on it constantly.  I’ve learned to deal with it, but honestly it stresses me out. Why can’t it just be clean all the time?

Well, I went to look this up and apparently it’s no longer available.  Hmm, that worries me just a tad.



  • It has a lot of space between the racks (on our last dishwasher, the spinner on the top rack would always hit the plates).
  • It cleans very well on the normal cycle.


  • It takes 3:15 to complete a normal cycle.  I think an hour of this is drying time, but still.  3 hours?  This may be completely normal, it just seems like a long time.

We needed one that would sit in the cabinet we built, so this would not be good if you wanted to hang it over a range.



  • I mean, it’s a microwave. I’m not sure what else to say about it?  
  • In all seriousness though, it wipes off well on the outside and inside.
  • My favorite feature probably is the +30 second feature. I think that's the only button I use.


  • The beep it makes when it’s done is extremely loud.  I feel like I am waking up the whole house when I use it at 5AM. (Sorry Bryn!)

Cutting board mats
These are awesome. A must have.



  • They are only $15.
  • There is one mat for each type of food (fish, veggies, poultry, red meat).
  • They clean/wipe off super easily.
  • They are dishwasher safe. Although I have never put them in the dishwasher.


  • After using them for a while, our knives have left marks on them.  I think this may be normal. But hey, they are only $15 and easily replaceable if we need to.

Lemon squeezer
Because everyone needs one of these.



  • It catches the seeds of the lemon or lime.
  • It squeezes it a lot better than I could do with my hands.


  • Hmm..I don’t think I have any.

Dish drying rack
I’m not the type of person who likes to have a drying rack in the sink.  We also have a one bowl sink, so that wouldn’t work anyway.  We used a drying mat before, however, now that we have concrete countertops, I didn’t want moisture on them at all.  So, I discovered this rack.



  • It holds a meals worth of dishes.  Most dishes we put in the dishwasher, but we hand wash pots and pans, cooking bowls, brushes, the lemon squeezer, etc.
  • It washes off easily.  I just put it in the sink with soap and water and bam it’s clean.  
  • It holds cookie sheets/cutting boards easily.


  • Because it has the slots for the dishes to go in, if there’s a lot of water running off of them, sometimes it can sit in the slots (causing for the need to wash the rack).
  • It’s kind of awkward to store away because it doesn’t fold up or anything.  So, you will either need to leave it on the counter all the time, or have a place to store it with some extra room.

Open shelving
And the question of the day, do we still like those open shelves?



  • They are beautiful.  I’ve always wanted that open look/feeling in the kitchen and they give that to me.  It feels so modern.
  • Easy access.  If you need a quick plate or bowl when cooking, they are right above the stove.


  • Did you seriously think I would have a con?
  • Oh wait, there is one.  Cleaning.  Did I mention how I dislike cleaning?  Because the shelves are wood, they will need to be cleaned from time to time. (I’m still waiting on someone to volunteer to clean my house. I may be willing to pay you. Only if you clean my bathrooms!)

Other kitchen storage
If you’re looking for storage ideas for your kitchen, you came to the right place.

  • This spice drawer has been a complete time saver.
  • It’s also a great organizational tool.  (And all my type A personality friends just said amen.)
  • It’s so convenient.  Because it’s right next to the stove, there is no excuse for not putting something away.
  • This pots and pans drawer has changed my ‘storage’ life.  One, it’s deep and holds a lot of items.  And two, it pulls out so you can see everything inside of it!  

Whew! That was a long list of greatness.  Overall, we have been pleased with our appliances and products.  And they have definitely changed the look of our kitchen (and the function) for the better. Of course, a lot of these decisions are based on personal opinions and the needs of your family.  But, I hope you found some of these helpful!

The current projects on the list for the kitchen are a cabinet to fit around the fridge, and then hanging all the trim.

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