Build your own mailbox (with a planter)

You’ve Got Mail!

That reminds me of AOL - those were the good ol’ days.  Did anyone else instantly think of that? 

Unfortunately (or fortunately) the days of AOL are gone. Please tell me you're not still on AOL. But, we are still getting snail mail.  Let’s be honest, most of the mail we get these days is junk.  Every once in awhile, we will receive a sweet card from a family member or an actual invitation to a party.  These things are exciting, who doesn’t love the anticipation of what’s inside that envelope?

In order for us to receive snail mail, we must have a functioning mailbox. Thanks to the recycle truck, last Fall our mailbox was out of order for a while.

To turn a negative into a positive, this gave us the perfect opportunity to create a new mailbox!

And while you're here, go ahead and PIN this for later!

Off to Menards we went.


We gathered all of our necessary materials and began to create our new mailbox.

Mailbox Barrel Planter Concrete 4x4 wood post (treated for outdoor)

First, we used a 4x4 for the main post and the post/arm the actual box sits on (this will fit into that little slot you see in the middle of the post).


To do this, we simply cut away half of the 4x4 on the main post (see in picture) and the same amount on the 4x4 arm so they would fit together.


Once these were cut to size, we stuck the main post in the ground.


Next, we created a few accent pieces, such as a cap for the top (we just used a router for this).


Next, we cut a hole in the bottom of the barrel and drilled a few extra holes for water to go through.


Then it was time to screw the pieces together, stain the wood and attach the mailbox.

It might also be a good idea to spray the post and barrel with an outdoor finishing spray because it will be getting really wet!


Once the structure was complete, I filled the barrel with some rock, dirt, and seasonal plants.


Isn’t it lovely?  Much better than what we had before, all thanks to the recycle truck.

And if you're wondering how this held up through the winter, here's an updated shot of our mailbox this spring.


I added the iron detail to the bottom of the arm to give it a nice little touch.  Other than some minor fading (which was expected), it's been great!


And if you're interested in building a planter for your porch to semi-match this mailbox planter, build this! It's super easy. You'll love it.

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