Couch Arm Table


Today’s idea will solve all your problems.

Allow me to explain.

(Don't have time to read about it now? PIN it for later!)


When putting together our living room, I knew most of our furniture was going to be wood and a very similar color, as we were building it all.

With that in mind, I decided to buy a few glass side tables from Pier 1.  You can find the small one here and I'm not sure if they sell the bigger one anymore, but it looks like this.


They are not too chunky, they will match anything, and have been super easy to clean.

Here’s where it gets tricky.

I like to move my furniture around.  Sometimes it’s every few months, sometimes I change the furniture with the seasons.  It gives our living room a fresh new look, without actually buying anything.  


Sometimes, depending on where the couch ends up, there is just not a spot for my beautiful side tables.  GASP! Not a spot?  Bryn would beg to differ.

But truthfully, we can’t have a side table in the walkway or right next to another side table.

So, what’s the solution?

This is the easiest thing I have ever built and quite possibly the most life changing.


Is this really a thing? I’d imagine they sell these couch arm tables somewhere. I haven’t seen them where I shop.  Which is only Target and Hy-Vee, so obviously I have never seen these things. Or maybe I just came up with a grand idea.  Who knows.

Here was my life before.


Praying my cup doesn't fall off...


(Yes, it's a tipped over water glass.)

When I’m home by myself or eating my snack, I like to relax and eat on the couch.  And I always have a water cup with me.  

And trust me, the floor doesn’t work as a table.  I tried setting my water on the floor and it’s been knocked over twice! Once by me and once by the dog.

So, I rest my case.  This has truly changed my life - for now. Or until I move my furniture around again and actually have a side table next to the couch (or my coffee table back).


Oh yes, and some of you are probably wondering how I built it.  I literally dug through our scrap wood box and found two pieces of wood the same size.  


I then cut one more piece of wood for the top.


I used wood glue and the nailer to put it together. Added some stain and finish and that’s it!

It's just a tad wider than the couch arm, so that way it fits snug and doesn't wobble around.


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