String Art Mason Jar Project


Happy Mother’s Day!

This year, I knew I wanted to do something creative for my mother and mother-in-law.  While I was trying to brainstorm a cute craft, I made these lovely boxes.


They were going to be succulent boxes, but they didn’t quite turn out the way I envisioned. Do you have other ideas for these boxes?

After that project was a fail, I brainstormed a bit more. Typically when I brainstorm, I tend to think of a list of things I could use by walking around my house and I look for ideas on Pinterest, Facebook, websites, etc.

Here’s my list:
Wood String / yarn
Hot glue

This list gave me a lightbulb moment. String art.

String art has been popular all over the nation.  I am seeing string art on Pinterest, parties on Facebook, and events in our area.

Since I wanted something seasonal that had to do with Spring and flowers, I decided to make a mason jar.  Now you’re probably wondering what a mason jar has to do with Spring and flowers. Well, let me show you!


Materials: Wood (cut to size) Small nails String/yarn Hammer Drill Artificial flowers Mason jar imageHot glue Wire cutters Wax polish

ONE Apply the wax polish to the wood.  I used oak and walnut wood.  Look how beautiful the wood is after the wax polish is applied!


TWO Draw or trace a mason jar image on a sheet of paper. You can also print one from the computer.


THREE Tape the mason jar paper to the wood. Drill pilot holes in the wood about ½ apart all around the mason jar.


**Tip** Be sure your drill bit doesn't go through the wood!


FOUR Hammer small nails into the pilot holes.


FIVE Create the string art.  Tie a knot around the first nail and then wrap your string around each nail.  I went around the outside of the mason jar first, then did the lines on the top.  Tie a knot at the end.


SIX Cut off the excess string and/or hot glue the extra string down so it isn’t poking up.  


SEVEN Use the wire cutter and cut off stems from the artificial flowers.  Stick different ones (depending on the season) into the top of the mason jar.  


That’s the beauty of this project. Once it’s fall you can add fall flowers. Love it.


Once the string art was complete, I gathered a few other items and created a cute Spring basket for Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother's day to my mamas and every other sweet mama out there!

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