Kitchen Update - My real thoughts and emotions behind this project.


It’s that time again. Kitchen update!


Grab your coffee and settle in for this one.

I wish I had great news for you. I wish I was showing you pictures of the beautiful, finished product.  I wish for a lot of things.

But friends, I have nothing.

At least a couple times a day, I get the question ‘So, how’s the kitchen coming along?’

My typical answer is something along the lines of ‘We are getting there, slowly but surely.”

On the surface it seems as if it’s just another project for us.  And that statement is true.  It IS just another project. But what most of you don’t know is that deep down inside I’m stressed out to the max about it.

I try so, so hard to get over it.  I know the mess and the ‘unfinished-ness’ isn’t going away any time soon.  I don’t have a magic wand. Although I wish I did.

The good thing about this whole situation is we have never been ‘out of order’. We have always had a working kitchen, which I appreciate. But a working kitchen doesn’t mean a finished kitchen.  It’s so, so hard to come home every day to a messy, unfinished kitchen.


(Tools. Everywhere.)

Not only do we have kitchen stuff everywhere, but there are papers without a home, tools needed for the renovation that are on the floor, on the table, or stuffed in a cabinet that isn’t finished. (Just picture cabinet doors on the floor, drills, outlet covers, earbud pieces, and more just lying on the floor hoping to not get stepped on by us or the pups.)


(Do you see all that stuff?  Yeah, that open space is supposed to be a drawer.  But right now it's a storage place. Ugh)

It’s just not me. I don’t like to live in a messy home. But friends, for the past 6 months that’s what I have been doing.

But wait, I do love a good project. This has just gone on far too long for my liking.

So, why am I telling you all of this?  I want you to know the real deal. Greywoodmama is here to spill the beans on projects and so I made a few lists for you.  First, the ‘why is the kitchen taking so long to finish’ list.


It’s so hard for me to focus on one project at a time.  Honestly, it gets boring after a while.  If I never work on anything else, my creativity isn't as strong. (I strongly believe in multitasking, more on that another day.) I want new and exciting.  I want instant results.  And with the kitchen, I’m just not getting those instant results.  So instead, I spend an entire weekend building an entryway bench.  Or, I feel like having an artsy type weekend and I work on watercolor cards or a craft.  For me to keep my sanity at home, these other projects are needed.


Life gets in the way. Although it may seem like the only thing Bryn and I do is work on our house, it’s not true.  We both have other things going on.  I enjoy my time working out, meeting friends for coffee, working on my blog, attending community events, reading a good book, designing websites and print materials for people, and spending time with my family and pups.

Bryn has classes for his MBA (which he will finish this summer, praise the lord), LOVES to read, he cooks all of our meals, cares for the pups, does yardwork, helps his family members, enjoys building other things (frames for paintings, etc.), and so much more.

And did I mention we both have full-time jobs?

So even though we LOVE to do all of these other things, it takes time away from our kitchen. But in all honesty, I think it’s a healthy balance. I think I’d go insane if I wasn’t able to do these other things.


There are so many steps involved for one small task. Allow me to explain.  Right now, we are so close to the finish line, but have been sitting at the same place for a long time.  We built a few new cabinets that we planned to be drawers for a pull-out spice rack (picture below) and for my pots and pans. We also planned to build a cabinet to enclose the refrigerator a bit and still need to build a few drawer faces for two random spots.


Even though this seems like an easy thing to accomplish, it’s actually been a hassle. In order to build these things, we need good quality wood.  This wood comes from a lumber yard in a town not close to our home.  So, it requires borrowing my mom’s van to haul the large pieces, driving to this lumber yard, and getting the wood to bring home (which all takes time). Then once it is home, it has to be planed so it’s nice and smooth and then cut to size for what we need.

Then once all that has been completed, we can begin to measure and build what we need. Which again, takes time. Most of the time we have is small bits here and there, but what we really need are full days of time to accomplish something.

So, for this small step, I think we are halfway there. Hopefully my next update will be about these finished cabinets.

Now that you know why things are taking so long, here’s my list of ‘how I’m dealing with the mess’ situation.


Close your eyes.  Okay maybe this isn’t the best option, but in reality it’s what I have been doing for a while.  I want to love my kitchen and stare at it and spend time in it.  But right now the only time I’m in my kitchen is to get food. Sigh.


Keep yourself busy. A lot of people say when you have kids and your life gets even busier, your clean home will fall behind (and probably be not so clean).  And I have been told, THIS IS OK.  I mean, maybe.  To an extent.  So, in order for our messy home to be ‘OK’, I try to keep myself busy with other things. Who wants to clean anyway?


Ask for help. This is not something we have done a lot of.  We needed a few helpers when we poured our concrete countertops.  And recently I decided to hire someone to put in our tile backsplash.  Because sometimes it’s just too much to handle by yourself without going crazy.


Be thankful. At the end of the day, I am so thankful we have this opportunity.  Not everyone is able to completely transform their kitchen/house by themselves.  I don’t want cookie cutter. I don’t want what the people down the street have. What’s important to me is to love the process and end result because I know Bryn and I both worked so hard to make it what it is.

Okay friends, so there you have it. Have we failed?  No. Well, if failing means not getting the kitchen done by Christmas like we originally planned, then yes. Definitely yes.  But I promise you when it’s all over, it will be one of the biggest accomplishments we’ve experienced.

Until next time, follow me on Instagram (greywoodmama) for behind the scenes updates on the kitchen and so much more.

And just because all of that was sort of depressing, here's Nash, happy as can be.


I'm SO thankful for the pups too.

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