Homemade paper in 6 easy steps!

Weekends are for exploring. Life is for exploring.  And my friends, making my own paper was on my list of things to explore - and it should be on yours, too!


This experiment has been on my list for quite some time, but it’s one of those projects that I kept moving to the next month.

I finally decided to put our kitchen project to the side and do something fun. Not that the kitchen project isn’t fun (because I love a good remodel project), but this was something different and unique.  

Now, what are we waiting for, let’s get to it!

Scrap paper (I used newspaper, but you can use junk mail or whatever you have on hand.)
A blender
A large, shallow container
2 splatter guards
A dry dish towel (or two)
A sponge

Yep, that’s it!  Now here’s the process:

Tear your paper into small pieces.


I used a newspaper and cut it up into 2 inch pieces.  If you don’t have a newspaper you can use junk mail or whatever you have around the house.

Blend your paper.


Throw your pieces of paper into the blender, add some hot water (so it’s covering the paper) and let it sit for about 10 minutes.  

Then, pulse your paper until you get a slurry mixture.

Pour some clean water and your slurry into the shallow container.


I went to the dollar store and grabbed a large aluminum container for like $2.  Add clean water to the container, then pour the slurry mixture in the container as well.


Use your splatter guard to ‘catch’ the slurry.


Once the slurry is mixed in with the water, submerge the splatter guard in the mixture and bring it out as level as you can.

I had to try this a few times to get it just right.  

**Tip** When I originally did this, I think my slurry was too chunky. So I tried to remove as much as I could and blend it again.

Dry the slurry.


Once your splatter guard is evenly covered, place it on a dry dish towel and put the other splatter guard on top of it.  Use a sponge to remove all the extra water.  

I was able to squeeze the water out of the sponge while removing as much water as possible from the splatter guard.

Let it dry.


Or, if you’re like me and you’re impatient, use a hair dryer to dry it. If you let it air dry, it will probably take 4 - 6 hours (depending on how thick your paper is).  It took roughly 10 minutes to dry with the hair dryer.


That’s it - simple as that. Since I used a round splatter guard, obviously the paper was round when it dried. I just used some scissors and cut it to the shape I wanted.  


I also tried to get a little more creative and add flower petals to the paper.


You can kind of see the yellow petals.  But it didn’t exactly turn out how I had hoped.  Maybe you’ll have better luck!


Now that I have completed this project, here’s the million dollar question:

What would I do differently?

  1. Use white paper. I used newspaper, and even though it worked, my paper ended up being a sad looking grey color. If I would have used white paper to begin with, I think it would have looked better once dry.

  2. Use more water and blend more. I didn’t realize just how chunky my slurry was until I was trying to get it on the splatter guard. I think it would have been easier to get even if it was more watered down.

  3. Cut up my flower petals into smaller pieces. When I use using the hair dryer, the big pieces blew right off.


I ended up making a few cards and gift tags.


Try it out and let me know what you think! This would be an awesome discovery project for you to make with your little ones.

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