Greyhound adoption - 6 month update.

It's been 6 months since we brought these sweet boys into our home.


Nash and Roman were once strangers to each other and are now brothers.


I feel like it was just yesterday I was writing about their 3 month adoption update and now here we are at 6 months.  Boy does time sure fly.


Want to know what it was like bringing them home?  Find out here.

Greyhounds are very gentle dogs and need a lot of praise for doing the right things.  Bryn and I really focused on this method when we brought these two home.  We knew that training two dogs was going to be a little more of a challenge than one, but over time it became easier and easier.

It's kind of like monkey see monkey do.  If we can get one dog to do something, the other one usually catches on shortly after.


(I mean, isn't he just beautiful? Those markings on his nose just get me every time.)

The 3 month update was right after the holidays, and we were over here all like..


But then it started to get really warm outside during the month of February, and we weren't complaining!  Instead, we started to take the dogs for more car rides.  And Roman was all like..


He LOVES car rides.  Nash doesn't really feel the same way.


Usually, Nash will lay down right away.  Maybe some day he will love car rides? Who knows.

I think on this particular ride, we were going to visit G & G (grandma and grandpa). We love to take the dogs along because:

1) G & G love to see the pups
2) It's a good chance to socialize the dogs with other people at the nursing home
3) The other men and women at the nursing home love petting the dogs

Its a win, win, win for everyone!

Nash and Roman make themselves right at home.


Speaking of home, that's exactly what they do all day.


Can you say spoiled?  And I would assume all Greys do this, but they ALWAYS lay with their head off of the bed.  How on earth could this possibly be comfortable?

Occasionally when it's nap time and I am on the couch, this is where the pups are (mainly Nash).


What can I say, he loves his mama.  (And no we don't let them on the couch.)

Since we had SO many warm days, we were able to go for some long walks.


They love to walk, but clearly you can see who was a fan of the picture and who wasn't.

In the last update I talked about training them on walks (and still working on a few things). I would say that by now they are well trained.  They are SO well behaved on walks, we often get compliments.  This was a priority for us on day one. We walk every day and in order to do so, they have to do it well.

What's the secret? Consistency and praise. As weird as it may sound, I talk to them as we are walking. We practice walking and stopping.  In the picture below you can see the harness leash Roman is wearing.  This type of leash made it a lot easier for me to control and train both dogs at once.

Now, they both walk right next to me at my speed, no questions asked!


I may have mentioned before that Nash loves to play fetch.  Here is a short video of them playing with Bryn.

Sorry for the weird camera angles, I am not too sure what he was doing!

Nash is happiest when he is playing fetch.  His little ears are perked up, he is smiling, and is so dialed in to you and that kong.


At the beginning of March, we celebrated Nash's 4th birthday!  Check out the yummy homemade dog treats we celebrated with, here.


The morning of his birthday, we were crazy parents and took pictures with him.  Again, he wasn't too thrilled.


I think we confused him more than anything.

Speaking of treats, one weekend I went to Starbucks with Nash and the lady in the drive-thru gave me a 'puppy latte'.


I had never heard of this before - but they sure loved it!


With Spring cleaning in the air, it was a good time for the pups to have a bath.  This isn't a normal thing for them, so they are still a little unsure about the bathtub and all the water.


But, as I said earlier, they watch each other very closely.  Even when it's bath time.  The other one was standing right outside the tub the entire time!


These boys continue to amaze me every day.  They share so well. Check out this adorable video of them sharing the water bowl.

Day by day, they are becoming more comfortable with us.  When a Greyhound is relaxed and feels 'at home', they do this thing called roaching. Not all do, but our sweet Maya did this all the time.  And now Mr. Nash is starting to do it more and more! Usually every morning!


I couldn't imagine our lives without these sweet boys.  They bring so much joy to our lives and are such wonderful pets.

If you are interested in the Greys that are in need of a home, find them here!


That face.  Those eyes.

We are so blessed.

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