Greyhound adoption - 3 month update.

It's been 3 months since we adopted our Greyhound boys.

Wait, Nash and Roman have only been with us for 3 months?  It feels like forever!

It’s about time for an update on the boys since our Gotcha Day.  If you missed the post about bringing them home, read about it here.

Warning: this post is going to be filled with pictures.  A lot of behind the scenes pictures of what they have been up to!

Let's start from the beginning.

This is the moment Nash and Roman met each other. And fell in love with their new mama.


Roman was SO excited to be going home with us.  While I was signing papers, he was hanging out with Bryn.


All four of us jumped into the car. Two happy humans.  Two nervous puppies.

Side note: they both have muzzles on because they were not super familiar with each other at this point.  And with us being in a small space, we didn't want anything bad to happen on the way home. Safety first!


Here we are. Home sweet home.  One happy human. Two nervous dogs.

 At first, Nash was extremely shy. Just look at his sweet face.


In no time, they had their first car ride.  As you can see, Roman loved it.  Nash, oh my poor baby.  He was a little nervous.


Our first visit to the vet was a success.  I think I can comfortably say they both enjoyed their time there.


And just as they were starting to get acclimated to the house, we decided to tear things up. If it looks like a comfy blanket, Nash will lay on it!


Then we attempted our first photo shoot.  I completely forgot they had never seen a camera before and holding it in their face did not make them happy!

No mom, I don't want to look at you and smile.


Our daily routine began with two walks a day.  Now, since it's cold, we only go on one walk a day.


Before we knew it, they started loving on each other! Every time they do something cute together, we have to take a picture.  I swear, I am not a crazy dog mom.


They had their first snow. They were hesitant at first, but it didn't take them long to love it!


Nash and Roman enjoyed their first holiday season together.  They loved all of their new toys! Disclaimer: I did not stage this picture.  I walked into the living room only to find them just like this.  Brotherly love.

And yes, that is a toy between their feet.


And the love continues. Seriously, we cannot believe how well they treat each other. From day one they have shared toys, water bowls, food, beds, everything!


And then the holidays were over. And Nash claimed the santa hat as his own.


Both of the boys are extremely loving.  They always have to be in the same room as Bryn or I.


By now, they are both well settled in.  They have a place they can call home. And, they are very familiar with my camera.


I just can't get over their beautiful eyes.


After giving them some time to get to know us, we started training them pretty consistently.  They know the basic commands: down, stay, no, come. They of course know what 'outside' means, but have yet to figure out the word 'walk'.

It is really amazing how well they have adjusted to our schedules.  They both know what is expected of them and they both respect Bryn and I.


We still have some work to do, though.  They have almost perfected their behavior on walks (by this I mean, they walk right next to me and when we pass other dogs or people, they keep walking as normal unless I stop).


I think our biggest challenge right now is separation anxiety with Nash.  We have done some research and we are trying a few things to help him overcome this. Have you ever experienced this?  Any suggestions you have would be appreciated!


Overall, the best part about them is how they look after one another.

They just melt my heart.

And just as I promised in the post about their life as a racing dog, we happened to catch a short video of them playing / running around.  Although they are not running at full speed in this video, it is still very interesting to see!

Time sure does fly.  Nash will be turning FOUR in March. I just might have something clever planned for our sweet boy.  Stay tuned!

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