Kitchen Update - Exciting News!

It’s not Valentine’s Day - yet.

In my last kitchen update, I went over the small progress that we had made. I then extended our completion date from Christmas to Valentine’s Day.  I'm thinking we may need to extend it again. Friends, this has really been a l o n g process.  I knew it was going to be a lot of work, but man is it a lot of work.  

I began thinking, can this project get any more stressful? Then, I came across Kim’s post about dealing with renovations when things get stressful.  It’s a really good read, and made me realize that Bryn and I are not alone.  Renovations are not easy for anyone.  

It also made me realize that if we ever do major renovations again (to the kitchen or living area), I am not sure if I want to be living in the house. Because quite frankly, even though I love myself a good project, I hate the 24/7 mess that I can’t put away!

So, my kitchen update.  We still have a couple weeks until Valentine’s Day - do you think we can get this thing completed?

Here’s what has been happening around here.


We both caught the cold bug, so that put us out of order for a few weeks.  So, instead of working on the kitchen we were watching this.


ABC Family

If you have Netflix, I promise you this is a MUST see.  There are multiple seasons, so just beware that if you start, you will be hooked for a long time!


With the super cold temps we have been having here in the midwest, our kitchen was getting quite cold without window coverings. Needless to say, curtains moved to the top of our list. Check out my no sew drop cloth curtainshere.  They were SO easy to do and SO perfect for my industrial/plain/farmhouse kitchen.

One we both bounced back from the cold bug, we started back at it.  

Round 2 of the kitchen cabinets are finished.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am SO glad we decided to make our own, but it’s time consuming.  The building process, and then the painting and finishing.  Multiple coats, drying time.  Lots of waiting.

Here's my setup.  I need a new setup. My back is really feeling it after a long day of painting.


Although, while I am painting, it’s a good time for me to practice my singing skills. :)

Knobs and handles have been installed.


I mean just look at these handles.


These are the handles I was all heart-eyed about in this post. They are just perfect.

Side note: If you purchase these handles, they do not come with screws.  We purchased black screws and I love the way the rust and black look together.

And the knobs.


After a few choices failed me, I finally ended on these. And I love them.

They are from Hobby Lobby.  I couldn't find the exact ones I purchased online, but these are similar.


The range hood has also been installed! Whoop!

We purchased the hood from Home Depot.  Since we don't have a vent going out, this hood has a charcoal filter and is able to be 'ventless'.

We haven't taken the protective paper off of it yet.  I don't want to have to clean it multiple times! 


I know, I know.  It still looks like we are far from being done. There is a lot left to do - I'll admit it.


When Bryn put the hood up, I walked into the kitchen and about cried.  At that point I could really see this wall coming together. I promise you I have a vision, and you will soon see it too.  

Ok what else?  Oh yes, the biggest news of all.


We have researched and discussed this topic for months.  And I am so glad we did.  Friends, we decided to go with concrete countertops!  I am SO excited.  Bryn and I have never made concrete countertops before, so this will be a new experience for us.  We will be taking a lot of pictures and videoing as much as we can.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a post about our new countertops, you will not want to miss it!


The countertop shipment of materials.

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