Drop cloth curtains.

As the remodel continues, I am jumping ahead of myself a little bit and putting up curtains.  

Well, let me explain.  

Remember in December when it was freezing outside?  And in January when it was -35 degrees?  Well, when you have a sliding glass door with no curtains, that makes for a really cold room.

Needless to say, even though we don’t have trim or light switch covers (we are far from that step) on the wall yet, we now have curtains.

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Let’s back up a bit.

So, curtains. Do you know how hard it is to find curtains you like? I mean, I can’t just go to the store, grab whatever I can find, and hang them up.  Blinds.  What about blinds?

I debated for many weeks. Curtains or blinds.  Meanwhile it kept getting colder in the house.  

I finally broke down and bought some black-ish/tan-ish curtains from Target.  They were super cute in the store, but once I got them home and hung them up, it just wasn’t working for me.

I wanted something simple.  Something old-ish.  Something industrial. Something farmhouse.  Something plain.

It’s harder than you think to find a curtain that contains all of those things. So guess what?  I was painting one day and using a drop cloth.  

BINGO.  Drop cloth curtains!

They are SO easy.  And inexpensive. And perfect.

I researched different drop cloth options and ended up buying these from amazon.  I didn’t want seams and I wanted them to be long. I originally only ordered two, but then I realized I wanted them bunched up, so I ordered two more.


I also order these clips to hang the drop cloth on the curtain rod. They worked perfectly and were exactly what I was looking for.


Remember when I said I wanted long drop cloths? I was lazy and didn’t measure, so the 4 x 12 cloth is SUPER long.  However, it ended up being perfect because I was able to fold it over twice to get the look I wanted.


I had a cute helper.


Then I attached all of the clips, no particular measurements. Again, lazy.


And it’s done.  No sewing involved.  


(In this picture, there are a total of four drop cloths hung on the rod. Below you will see what it currently looks like with only two drop cloths.)

Oh, and that table. You can find all the information on how to build it, here.

Update: 10/18
We finally have a semi-finished product in this space! Find more information on the progress of our kitchen and our home below.

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