Building and using wood wall hooks.

Need a piece of wood for something? Come on over, we have plenty of extra wood left over from our large projects.

Usually, if we think the scrap pieces can be used for something else, we tend to save them.  They all end up in our scrap box/pile.

Once in awhile it gets really full and I get the motivation to dig through it.

Light bulb moment. Wood hook holders.

With me being the ‘do it now’ type, I will occasionally have random ideas and just start building.  I will admit, they may not be the best ideas, but I always find a way to make it work.

For the first project, I found a lot of flat boards, all different sizes. I knew I could create something awesome, I just didn’t know exactly what it was going to look like yet.  So, I started laying them next to each other and nailing them together with another board behind it.

Side note. This is NOT sturdy.  I just took the easy way out. But guess what? It’s still going strong today, so all is good. More boards. More nails. Some stain. Done.


I just love how different each board is.

After the ‘thing’ was put together, I found some hooks at a local store, Urban Farmhouse, in Geneseo, IL.  Perfect.


I knew right away what I wanted to do with it.  Coffee mug holder.


I mean, you can't go wrong with red coffee mugs.


Here it is with some fall decor.


Who doesn’t love a good coffee mug holder? Especially one that was made for free!

And if you're curious where it is now, after our half-way finished renovation, it's currently holding our winter gear and dog leashes in the foyer!  This might be the forever home because I kind of love it.


For project number two, I found some skinny pieces of wood, and glued them together.  After adding a little stain and a few hooks from Hobby Lobby, this became the perfect necklace holder in my closet.  


And finally, who doesn’t love a few hooks in their bathroom for towels?  This simple white board with a few hooks is perfect for my hall bathroom.  


These simple wood hook holders are perfect for each space. I promise I will be making more in the future.  You can never have enough places to hang things!

Products used in this post:

Bronze hooks – Urban Farmhouse GeneseoOther hooks - Hobby Lobby Coffee mugs - Pier 1 and Target Bath towel - Target Black and white scarf - Target White blanket scarf - Dillards Dog bandana - Hounds and Honeys