Personalizing your home - with letters!

Remember when you were little and had your own room?  Your own space.  Mine consisted of beanie babies, my 'teacher's desk', snow globes, my American Girl doll, and my flowers I won in the Coal Valley Princess contest.  It always seemed to have a flower theme.  First some sort of pastel colors, then a Hawaiian flower theme.  Yes, my walls were orange (thanks mom and dad for letting me pick that crazy color)!

Well, not only do I now have a room to decorate, but an entire home. That's a lot of space to call your own (and to decorate)!

I am always looking for home décor items with the letter L, or C and B. It makes our home more personal.


I love this gold L. Found it at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.  It can sit on a shelf or hang on the wall.


Before our renovation, we had a gallery wall in the hallway.  This large L also came from Hobby Lobby.  Now that we are changing things up, I am not sure if I want to recreate this gallery wall.  So, these items are on my mantel for now.  And since we don't have any kids, all of the pictures are about us!


These metal letters are also from (you guessed it) Hobby Lobby.  They all light up, it's really neat at night when the hallway is dark.

I have used them all over the house!


When I came across this scroll at Songbird Lane Antiques, I had to buy it.  Did I mention it was only $5?


There are so many things you can do with something like this; however, I knew I wanted to hang it somewhere.

To fancy it up a bit, I cut out a few pieces of wood from our scrap pile and put a little wax on them to bring out the color.  If you’re looking for a good wax polish, check out Linn’s shop over at Darbin Orvar.  She makes awesome projects and her wax polish is perfect for projects like this.


Once the wood was dry, I was able drill a few holes in each piece and thread some twine through the holes so I could hang it up. Easy as that.


First, I hung it on my coffee rack. Then, I used it on my Christmas tree and I loved it!  See the Christmas tree details in this post.


Look for a post on the coffee rack build coming soon!


What ideas do you have to incorporate letters into your home?  

By the way, I still have all of my beanie babies, snow globes and princess flowers. They will forever be mine (in my parent's basement).

Products used in this post:Linn's wax polish Hobby Lobby letters