Kitchen Update.

Okay friends, here it goes, the amazing reveal!

Okay, maybe not. (Insert sad emoji here.)

Remember when I said the kitchen was going to be done by Christmas?

Well, we are 6 days away and no where near close to being done.  Bah humbug.

I explained a few reasons why things are not getting done in this post.  And while all of those reasons are completely valid, I left out a few more important reasons.

One. So many choices.

I love a great home renovation.  I love making new spaces and decorating them in my personal style.  But, there are just so many choices.  For everything. So many things that I love. And while I have a specific style, there are still so many options.  

For example, cabinet door knobs and drawer pulls.  I had the picture in my head of exactly what I wanted.  I found them online, and failed to order them the day I found them.  A few days later, they were sold out. Everywhere.

Option B.

I decided to go a totally different route. Although not the same ‘look’ as the other knobs and drawer pulls, I still loved option B. They arrived and I had heart eyes like those cute little cartoon characters.  For the drawer pulls, only.  

Notice I didn’t say cabinet door knobs.  I loved them on the computer screen, not so much in real life.  

They were too small and just didn't look quite right on the cabinet doors.

I thought maybe they would grow on me, like the paint color, but they didn’t.  Back to the drawing board.  

Option C.  

I LOVE option C. Let’s hope all of my cabinets are singing from the same hymn when it’s finished. Stay tuned. I promise I will share photos.


Two. Building new cabinets.

Building a cabinet seems like a fairly easy task.  And honestly, it was.  The hard part was getting the cabinet to match up (perfectly) with what is already there.  I guess this is what you get when you use some things that are existing and build other things yourself. Alas, they are almost done. And I love it.


We are trying some out-of-box things.  But that's why I love my husband.  I have 'crazy' ideas and he always trusts that my vision will come to life. And it will be perfect. I know it will.

Three. More decisions.

If you've talked to me at all over the past month, I probably told you what we were going to do for countertops.  Well, that decision changed about 10,000 times.  We have been extremely indecisive about what to do.  Alas, I think we've made a final decision. Or, I have made a final decision.  Stay tuned. I promise I will share updates on this soon.

Can I change my completion date to Valentine’s Day?  That might be do-able.  Let’s hope it’s before then. It's no fun looking at a half completed kitchen when I know the true potential!