DIY reindeer pillow - a Pier 1 knock-off.


My sewing machine and I have a love-hate relationship.

I am by no means an expert seamstress. And quite frankly, I can say with positivity that I will never have a ‘perfect’ sewing project.

Woah!?  Did I just say that?  Well, it depends how you define perfect.  

Oddly enough, I am not a perfectionist when it comes to sewing.  As I have mentioned before, I have a strong ‘do it now’ personality.  I like to get things done.  Check things off of the list.  

Whenever I dust off the sewing machine for another go around, it brings me joy - but I also feel a sense of urgency.  Probably because I know exactly what I want the end product to be, and I want it done now.  

Alas, there is no time for me to redo my mess-ups.  There is no time for me to think about something 10 times.  And in all honesty, I embrace my imperfections in sewing. It makes my projects unique.  And ‘perfect’ for me.

So, on to my latest project.

Do you ever look in those nicely printed Pottery Barn or Pier 1 magazines and imagine all of the awesome stuff in your home?  Yeah, if only we all had an unlimited budget, right?  

When Christmas rolls around, pillows are always on my radar.  I love pillows.  And I love Christmas pillows.  

Who wants to spend $40 on a pillow? 

If you’re like me and have 40 pillows in your house, $40 a pillow is way too much. So, option B is to make your own! (Thanks, Shara for the inspiration!)

I made this entire pillow for only $6.00.  I repeat. SIX DOLLARS. (That’s a vanilla latte from Starbucks.)

Here it goes, follow along closely!

You'll need: Fabric (found at Jo Ann Fabrics in Petoskey, MI for roughly $3.00 - SALE) Felt (less than $3.00 at Jo Ann Fabrics) Sewing pins Scissors Sewing machine Needle and thread

Find (or draw) a pattern you like - I wanted a reindeer head.

Put the pattern into Word and make it really large.


Trace the image on to a piece of white paper.  Make sure your screen is really bright.


Cut out the image and pin it to the red felt (purchased at Jo Ann Fabrics for under $3.00).


Cut out the reindeer.


Cut your pillow fabric to the desired size.  I used a pillow case I already had as a guide.


Be sure to leave enough room around the edges to fold it over when you sew. (Disclaimer: I did not measure.  Like I said earlier, my projects are not perfect.)


I ended up cutting three pieces.  One for the front and two for the back.  I decided to make an envelope back (two pieces are overlapping to close the pillow).

Fold all of your edges over and pin them (with the front side of the pillow case facing down).  I did about an inch on all sides.  Once you sew them, it will leave you with a clean edge.


Once all sides are finished, the three pieces will look something like this.


Pin the reindeer on the pillow and begin sewing. I did simple, small stitches all around the edge.


Done with the front!


Attach one of the back pieces to the front piece (facing each other). Pin and sew them together.


Pin the second piece. Sew.


When the three pieces of fabric overlapped (and because the fabric is so thick) I had to hand sew a few spots.  Otherwise, my machine worked great.

Turn the pillow right side out - and it's done!


It's perfect.  And matches my Christmas decor so well.

And it only took me a total of 4 hours.  4 hours of my night and only $6.oo, totally worth it.

Put a PIN on it:


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