DIY Simple Christmas Cards.

Oh Christmas cards. Oh Christmas cards.
Thy time I spend searching is crazy.
Oh Christmas cards. Oh Christmas cards.
Thy time I spend searching is crazy.
Not only on one site, but many. Why can’t I find ONE design I like?
Oh Christmas Cards. Oh Christmas Cards. Thy time I spend searching is crazy.

Okay, okay. So that was a lame rendition of O Christmas Tree, I get it.

But, did you get my point?

Is it just me, or did it seem like this year’s selection of Christmas card designs were just missing the mark?

Maybe it’s because I had an idea of what I was looking for and couldn’t find it?  There I go again, setting high expectations.

Well, in the meantime of countless days of searching for the perfect Christmas card I decided to make my own.  

Now, with the crazy amount of house projects we have going on, and the fact that I would rather be sitting on my couch, looking at my beautiful tree drinking coffee, I knew that whatever I made had to be quick.  But cute.  I’m talking super simple Christmas cards. I’m talking the ones that look like they took a long time to make.

Lightbulb moment. Craft box. I just love that box. It’s like reaching into one of those bags full of mystery stuff and being surprised by what you pull out.  

SURPRISE! I ended up with some brown craft paper, scrapbook paper, glue, an old book, ribbon, markers and stencils. Perfect.

Card one. A Christmas tree.

Fold the brown paper in half to make your card.  


Cut out a few book pages.


Tear the book pages different lengths from long to short.


Glue the book pages to the brown paper.


Draw a star, cut it out, and glue it on the top of the tree.




Card two. A wreath.

Start with the folded brown paper.


Cut out a bunch of squarish shapes of two different patterns.


Glue the squares in a circle on the card.


Cut a piece of ribbon and tie it in a bow (Target, dollar section).


Attach it to the top.




Card three. Joy.

Begin with the brown paper.


Use the stencils to trace J O Y.


Cut those out.


Trace a few circles of scrapbook paper. Cut those out.

Glue the circles to the card.  These will be Christmas ornaments.  Draw a ‘ribbon’ and a bow. Finally, attach the J O Y to the top.



Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I could easily add a personalized message to the front or inside of the card.  That’s the beauty of homemade cards.  So personal, so meaningful.  

Want to see another cute homemade card, click here.  I’d love to see someone make a snowman or santa!

Are you more interested in watercolor or painting? Here’s an idea for you!


I attempted a cute car with a tree and gifts on top.  It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. I tried to get too detailed and that is just not my style.  Again, high expectations. Bah humbug.  Maybe yours will turn out better than mine!

Here’s another idea.  Reindeer. Reindeer with thumbprints.

I did something similar with baby birds.  It was a retirement card for a Spanish teacher.


It would be super cute if you used your whole family.  Everyone’s thumb print on one card. Someone please do this!  

Oh Christmas cards. Oh Christmas cards. Thanks for making my day a little brighter.

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