Life as a racing dog.

It is so hard to see these cute, cuddly, mellow boys, and think just a few months ago they were living the life of a racing greyhound.


I have no real experience on what this entails, nor do I think I want to.

But, I have read a few books about it.  It’s interesting, but it also makes me tear up a bit. I can only hope that our boys were treated well at the farm.

From a young age, the Greys on the farm chase each other and run around to develop muscle. They become leash trained, they learn commands, and they learn to chase the ‘fake rabbit’ on a stick.

Around 1 year old, the Greys are introduced to the racing environment. Usually they will race twice a week (roughly), and they spend the rest of their time in a kennel. I have read some owners will play country music on a radio because they think it makes the Greys faster on the track.  Is this really true? I have no clue.  But, we play country music for them while we are gone during the day.  They are use to this, and we think it helps calm them while we are gone.

Although the thought of what their lives were like just a few months ago makes me uneasy, I did have some curiosity about the racing part.  When we adopted them, we were handed all of their medical papers, the breeding information, etc. It’s really easy to look up a specific Greyhound online if you have their information.

Thankfully, my mom found a site with just about any Greyhound race imaginable.  We typed in their information and we found our pups!

The site contains detailed information about each race, including those in which they may have lost or wiped out.

Usually if a Greyhound is a good racer, they do not retire until they are 4ish. 

Our last Grey, Maya, retired at the age of 4. She must have been a good racer!


Roman is 2.5 years old and Nash is almost 3.5.  Apparently our boys were not good racers.  Or maybe there was another reason for their early retirement. Maybe one of them caught the ‘fake rabbit’. Who knows.


If you’re interested in seeing these boys race, click the links below.  I promise the outcome is positive. It’s actually quite interesting!

Nash (He is in the red, #1. This is impressive!)

Roman (He is in blue, #2)

How cool is that?  This is a dog we are talking about, and I feel like it’s my child i'm watching in the video. (No mom, I am not turning into a crazy dog lady!)

I am still waiting for the day they race each other in the backyard.  Since they have been with us for over a month now, they are starting to get more comfortable.  Every once in awhile Roman will start doing laps around the backyard. And let me tell you, he is FAST!

Nash will chase him around, but they have not actually raced yet.  I promise to catch it on film for you. Until then, I will keep loving on my boys. After all, they deserve it. They are retired!


Yesterday, they had their first snow!

If you’d like to know more about the Greyhound breed or the life as a racing dog, check out this book, or this one, or this one.

And if you are interested in seeing the Greys that have not been adopted, you can find them here.

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