How to make a wood crayon box.

Art is good for the mind. I truly believe it can be a great stress reliever. If you don’t believe me, just Google adult coloring and you will find pages of information about it.


Do you remember the last time you sat down with your kids or any child and colored? You were focused, you enjoyed yourself, and you felt a sense of accomplishment – am I right?

I recently jumped on the bandwagon of adult coloring books and bought a few. I found mine at Target and Amazon for less than $10.

(Or, you can simply use white paper and be creative!)

I told myself it was because we were going on a long road trip and I needed something to keep me busy.  Why was a making excuses?

I also needed crayons. I bought the biggest box of crayons you could find. Go big or go home. Tons of colors. Again, Target or Amazon for less than $10.

Then it hit me. I had the best idea! My future children will have an art table with all of the supplies they could ever need to be creative. Talk about thinking ahead. I am all over it.

Remember when I talked about JoJo and Chip Gaines in this post? Well, they again were my inspiration for this brilliant idea. Thanks Jo!

A wood crayon box.

I started with a simple sketch of what I wanted it to look like. The 'box' part is 13.5 inches x 5.5 inches. The sides are 12 inches tall. 


I then created actual size templates for the pieces of the box and taped them together.


Then it was time to build. I used my templates and traced the outline onto each piece of wood. (I didn’t have to spend any money on this project, as all of the wood came from the scrap box!)  Each piece was cut out, sanded and the glued together to make the crayon box.

I used Pine wood, about 3/4 of an inch thick.  (And to make it easier, you could use rectangles for the sides, instead of making the curved part.)

I also used the nail gun for some reinforcement.



Oh yes, I also needed a handle to carry the box and some sections inside the box for all of my crayons.

The handle is a simple wooden rod, cut to size (12 inches) and glued in place.  The sections are small pieces of plywood, cut to size and interlocked together for stability.




This would be a wonderful Christmas gift for a child or even an adult who loves to be creative! 

But wait.  What's that? You aren't into 'building'?  Well, I have another option for you!

I found this at my local antique shop.


It was originally wood and I painted it white.  You could easily put a handle on this (or not) and insert a few sections to create an art box or crayon box.


Happy coloring!

Oh yes, one more thing.  If you like this idea, please share it with others!  It's an easy way to organize art supplies, and for a bonus it's cute.

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Products used in this post:
Coloring book (I found one in the dollar section for under $5 as well.)
Crayons (Get them cheaper when it's back to school month!)
Elmer's E7010 Carpenter's Wood Glue, Interior, 8 Ounces
Darice 9162-08 Unfinished Natural Wood Craft Dowel Rod, 3/4-Inch