Decorating for Christmas with an 'under construction' home.

Ah, it’s Monday.

Can we have Thanksgiving every week?  I really enjoyed my time off.  It was the perfect combination of home projects, Christmas decor, family, food and relaxation.

Last Wednesday was my day to do all things Christmas.  If you missed my post about holiday storage, find it here.

If you were following me on Instagram (greywoodmama), you saw a few shots of my Christmas tree coming together.  Although our house is still under construction, I was not going to let that stop me from decorating for Christmas.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to get started on your own decorating, look no further. Here’s a glimpse into our ‘under construction home’.

I love my mantel.  

Every year, I try to make it look a little different.  Last year I went with mostly gold.  

This year, I wanted to add some greenery.  I ended up liking it better than I thought I would!


I also decided to move my baker’s rack into the dining room.  Eventually it might be used for bowls, plates and platters.  But, right now it’s full of holiday decor.


I decided to go somewhat simple for the dining table this year.  My wooden spools for candle sticks and some greenery. Perfect.


Our buffet of course has candy in the Hallmark dish, but it also has my red Christmas tree card holder.  Who will be the first one to send me a card for my tree holder? I just might include that person in a next post.


**Update** I have a winner and my first Christmas card - that was fast! Thanks Ryan and Marley Taube, I love it!

Who will be next?


Our tree is in the living area.  I love it. It fits perfectly in the space. For the past few years, we have purchased our tree from Lowes.  Someday we would like to actually cut one down ourselves, but for now this works perfectly!


This year, I decided to add my L scroll that I found at Songbird Lane Antiques. I added some wood pieces to the ends and hung it with some twine.  Perfection.


I love leopard print.  Throughout the house, I have a touch of leopard print everywhere.  The tree has the most.  


The creative Courtney really loves wrapping presents.  I love to make big bows.  This year, I decided to do some big bows, but also something a little more ‘simple’.  Bells and greenery.


Because the fireplace is actually in our dining room, I prefer to hang our stockings in the living room. Nash and Roman get the animal print ones.


The living area is filled with cozy pillows. You can’t go wrong with pillows.


My desk area is one of my favorite spaces.  Of course it has greenery and lights, but it also has one of my favorite pictures.  A watercolor card Bryn made (from one of our wedding photos), and my favorite colored pencils.


This glass and gold drawer was in 7 places before it landed at the end of the hallway.  I am so pleased.  It fits perfectly under that beautiful white window that came from the Lawrence family cottage in Walloon Lake.


Our entryway still needs some work. But, nothing can stop me from adding a little holiday decor!  I am still loving that old cheese box I found.  It fits perfectly in the space.  


This is such a wonderful time of year.  We love to enjoy all of the decor, lights, joyfulness and more while it lasts.  

And that includes eating breakfast on the couch.


And napping in the living room.


Christmas is only 27 days away.  27 days.  It will be here before you know it.  Enjoy this time of year while you can.

Happy Monday, all!