The perfect name for a Greyhound.

The perfect name.

It's Friday! AKA the day after Thanksgiving. AKA Black Friday. Are you feeling as thankful as I am?

The holidays are always such a special time. On Thanksgiving, we get to see so many family members in one day. Not only am I incredibly thankful for this opportunity, but I am so thankful for all of them.

You know what I am also thankful for?  My pups.

I mean, how could you not look at their sweet faces and just smile.

It’s been a little over a month since we brought the pups home. See my post on bringing them home, here.

For weeks leading up to ‘Gotcha Day’ Bryn and I tossed around different names.

Here is a list:


I didn’t exactly Google any of those names to see what would come up.  Next time, maybe that would be a good idea.

When the pups arrive at the shelter, they either have a name from the track or the volunteers give them a name.

The names our pups arrived with were Ironman (Roman) and Dragon (Nash).

Roman’s track name was JT’s Ironman.


Does he look like Ironman? (Picture from the Maysville, IA shelter.)


He's home.

Nash’s track name was snapdragonpop.


Maybe that name was good luck for him? Who knows. (Picture from shelter.)


He's home.

Look for a post about their previous life as racers in the future!

It just so happened that the volunteers at the shelter decided to rename Roman (from Ironman). That name was on our list – it was just meant to be!

However, I was not totally sold on the name Dragon.  I mean, just picture me standing on the porch yelling ‘Dragon, come here boy!’

Not. Happening.

About a week or so before we went to pick them up, I was set on changing Dragon’s name to Zeke. I even purchased a letter Z for a project I was going to make. Opps!

On the way home, I was holding them both in the car. Well, kind of.

For some reason, I had a change of heart. His name was Nash.


And the rest is history.

You don't realize how different a Greyhound's personality can be until you have two of them in the same house. Let's just say, I think their names fit them perfectly!

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