Kitchen Update - Hanging Drywall.

Happy Monday! After today, we will be one step closer to our ‘new’ look - yay for new flooring!

I’m still waiting for those house fairies, by the way.

I am hoping once I see the flooring, my vision of the kitchen will start to come alive.  Although we are making progress, sometimes it seems as if we are not.  Bryn suggested I write a post on how to deal with stress during a home renovation.  Yes sir, great idea.  

Speaking of stress, this wall was giving us a lot of trouble.  


It’s uneven.  It’s a mess.  It needs electrical changes.  It’s not a simple fix, to say the least.

In order to move forward with the tile, this wall had to be finished. After a lot of research, Bryn began cutting holes in the drywall for the electrical outlets.


He measured the exact spot marked it with a pencil, then used an X-Acto knife to make the cuts.

We hung the board to the wall by attaching it to the studs and Bryn started the mudding process.


I took over and finished the job.  Mud, drywall tape, mud, mud, and more mud. Google drywall mudding, there is more information than I knew what to do with.


It needs a bit more work. Alas, we have a ‘wall’ and it no longer looks like an unfinished mess. Well, kinda.


Next up is the tile, any suggestions would be appreciated. I am new to the back splashing process.

On another note, we have a cabinet door prototype.  Hallelujah! I will save the explanation process for another day, but friends, it’s happening. We are one step closer to cabinet doors!

Coming later this week, more updates on the floor removal and install.  Check out my Instagram for behind the scenes pictures - greywoodmama.

keep on reading…