DIY dog bowl.


Doggie bowls.

I love to shop for antiques.  Not the kind that people find, try to spruce up and then sell – the raw, right off of the farm kind.  I want the old-ness. I want the spider webs. I want the cracked wood. The rust showing.

Look for a post later on antique finds.

Two pups. See my earlier post on bringing two home. Once we decided we were adopting two, our old doggie bowl holder wasn’t enough.


Bryn built this (above) for Maya a few years back and it worked perfectly. He originally painted it tan and it matched our kitchen (at the time).  I then painted it white to update it a bit.


Maybe we will still use it outside? Who knows.

Anyway, back to the new one. I knew I wanted something that had three bowls, one for each of them (for food) and one in the middle for water. I was being optimistic and hoping they would get along enough to share a water bowl.

Shopping at the antique mall is sometimes a weekly adventure for me. I LOVE to browse those isles. This particular day Bryn was with me. I laid my eyes on this old, old bench and knew it was perfect.  $17ish later, it was mine. I’m not sure if Bryn saw my vision yet, but he soon would.

A few coats of poly and this bench was finally showing true character. Seriously, you couldn't recreate the character if you tried.


My first idea was to cut holes in the top of it and insert the bowls.  Well, with the way the bench is made, we would have had to redo the whole thing, just to cut dog bowl holes into it.  No thanks. Option two, Velcro.  Done.


And of course I was thinking ahead. Just in case I wanted to ever actually use it as a bench, I could just remove the Velcro and bam it’s now a bench.


It's perfect. Roman and Nash love it.


Do you have a creative doggie bowl idea? I'd love to hear about it!

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