Finally, shiplap!

It's What's Up Wednesday!


Today I'm digging shiplap. Let's be honest, I am digging shiplap everyday. #shiplap.


Thanks to my Mother-in-Law for finding this awesome pillow in Bishop Hill.

So, you know those people JoJo and Chip Gaines?  Well, they among a full list of others really inspired me to try out some shiplap.  It’s beautiful. It looks easy to install and it’s ‘modern farmhouse’.

The problem was, I really didn’t know where I wanted it. Bathroom? Living room? Kitchen?  Well, we finally decided to redo our kitchen, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want shiplap in their kitchen?


Before we decided to tear apart our kitchen, we took some photos.  We gave the kitchen a makeover a few years back (more on that later). So, here was the up to date kitchen.

It was nice. But, it didn’t have our touch on it. Bryn and I love to build things and experiment with our home, so this was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

We did some research on shiplap walls and found the perfect solution. I began painting the walls white (only because I didn’t want red to show through the cracks of the shiplap). Once that was finished, Bryn started cutting the boards and nailing them to the drywall. Yep, easy as that.


Please excuse the mess. Oh, and that table? I love it. More on the breakfast table build on another day.

I started to get smart and prime the boards before Bryn nailed them to the wall, this went a lot faster.


Once he had a full wall of shiplap up, I was amazed. How did it look so good, yet so bad (meaning the kitchen was a disaster) at the same time?


I began painting the shiplap with Alabaster white from Sherwin Williams. I love this color. Thanks, JoJo, for the inspiration.


One wall down. It’s perfect. Sort of.

We are waiting to do the trim until the end, so it still looks a little bit unfinished. But, alas, it’s happening. More on our progress later.

Have you experimented with shiplap? I'd love to hear your stories and secrets!

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