Bringing you home.

Bringing you home.

October 15th, 2016 was Roman and Nash’s ‘Gotcha Day’.  Let me start from the beginning.

Our sweet Maya left us back in February from Osteosarcoma.  Because she was only 9 years old at the time, Bryn and I thought for sure we had several more years left with her.  This was a complete surprise to both of us, and it left us empty-hearted.


Fast forward several months. Bryn, being the great husband and (dog) father that he is, wanted to ‘go look’ at the Greys in Maysville, IA (our local greyhound shelter) to give them some attention.  Although he said many times he didn’t want to bring one home, I knew in my heart that’s what he needed.  Bryn had previously looked on their website at all of the Greys available.  One of the girls caught his eye, so off we went one Saturday.


We played with this sweet girl and others, but left without a dog.  Hey, that isn’t easy to do at a place like that!  If you haven't been to a Greyhound shelter, please go.  The shelter in Maysville does an amazing job with the Greys, and the many volunteers make a huge, huge difference in the lives of all of the pups.

Fast forward another week and back we went, again, just to visit.  This time, a boy named ‘Dragon’ had just arrived off of the track, and of course we had to look at him too.  By the way, when looking at the Greys, it really isn’t a matter of which dog you like.  The dog is going to pick you. End of story.

Out comes ‘Dragon’ and he instantly came right to me and rested his head on my leg. Oh no. At that moment, my loving heart just melted for this little pup. How could I not bring him home?

Well, when they come off the track the shelter has an agreement with the breeders that they will neuter the pups before they are placed with a family.  This controls the breeding and the quality of the Greyhounds. To make a long story shorter, ‘Dragon’ had not yet been to the vet, so if we wanted to bring him home, we would need to wait a few weeks. Ugh.

Fast forward again to the next several weeks.  We continued to go back and visit our (hopefully soon to be) little one. Of course, Bryn wanted to see more Greys – you know, just in case.

We visited with many, many girls. None of them really fit our personalities or were super interested in us either. Then, it happened again.  They had another male to show us. His name was Roman.

In comes Roman. He instantly came to me, and laid his head on my leg. Uh oh. I mean really, it’s like these Greys just knew I was going to be a softie. Oh yes, and Roman still needed to visit the vet as well, so again a few more weeks of wait time in order to bring him home.

Bryn and I left that day empty handed, but also with a huge decision.  If you knew Bryn, he ponders BIG decisions for days, weeks, months, sometimes longer. We discussed this many times. Just one? Which one? Both? Ultimately, we all know what Bryn was thinking all along; of course two Greys are better than one, right!?

More time had passed, we went back to the shelter to visit the two pups and really make sure they bonded well with us.  We also had to make sure the two pups got along with each other. What if they didn’t? How would I choose?


We had finally made our decision and both pups had been to the vet for their procedure.  Alas, we set a date to bring them home. October 15th, 2016.

The weeks and days leading up to the 15th were exciting. I was going to be a mom again, a dog mom that is.  They each needed a bed (so four beds, check). They each needed a food bowl (more on this later). And a water bowl, but that they can share. Sharing is caring with two big dogs, right?

They also needed cute collars, dog tags, oh yes and bandanas. Yep, I am that ‘mom’ I guess.

October 15th arrived. They are home.


Do your pups have a 'bringing you home' story? I would love to hear it!

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