Rewind many, many years. As a little girl, I loved doing crafts. I always knew I wanted to teach, because I wanted the freedom to be creative. I wanted to inspire.

Fast forward to present day.

Bryn is an artist.  From the very beginning of our relationship, he has always inspired me to be creative and try new things. Like I mentioned earlier, I have always had an interest in crafts, I just never knew my true potential.

I have a very ‘do it now’ personality and I tend to hurry through things just to get them done.  More on that later. Bryn is just the opposite. I suppose this is what makes us so compatible.  We balance each other out, if you will.  He is extremely patient and takes his time on everything he does. Including art. Over the years I have watched him paint, draw, make things and build things. Everything he does just amazes me. And inspires me.

Oh yes, watercolor.

When I chalked up the courage to start painting, I often would try very complex pictures. I mean, after all, Bryn was doing this, right?


I soon figured out, Bryn and I have very different creative styles. My style is bigger strokes, not focused on details and more abstract.  Does this sound like me? It takes less time, right?


Did I mention, Bryn has had some art classes. More on Bryn's art later.

Can you tell which one is his?


I get my art tips from Bryn. It’s free. And he’s a good teacher. And I'm still learning.

As I kept at it, my style became more and more apparent to me.  I started painting with acrylics, but soon figured out water coloring is so much more fun. You can mess up and erase it. Exactly.


Today, I am inspiring Bryn.

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