The beginning.

The beginning.

Furniture. As you can probably imagine, when we first moved in together, we had very little furniture. Bryn had a futon, probably from his college days, a couch he so cleverly picked out, a mattress, a couple side tables and a few other random pieces.  I brought, um, nothing.

Scratch that, I had found an awesome rocking chair a few years back at an antique shop, and I painted it white with hopes it would someday go on my porch.  Well, I forgot it at my parent's house and guess what - it’s still not on my porch today.

So, we set out on a mission to purchase some furniture.

I love furniture. I love decorating. I have a very specific taste.  This made it really hard when we were looking to buy our first piece of furniture together, at a reasonable cost might I add.

We always ended up empty handed.  Too much money. Not the right kind of wood.  Didn’t like the drawers. Whatever the reason, we could never find ‘the one’.

Bryn, out of nowhere, says he wants to build something. Like, out of wood. What? This is a joke right.

With some convincing, I gave him the go ahead and I started drawing.  I used Pinterest for inspiration, as well as Ana White, and we ended up with a design we could both agree on.

Folks, he was starting ‘small’ with a coffee table.

I thought for sure it would be an ultimate fail. I. was. wrong.

He started with the sides of the table. We quickly figured out a Kreg Jig was needed for this type of build.


Then, attached the bottom.


Added some cross bars.


A little stain. More on this later.


The top.


The hardware, painted black. And a little poly.


We had a coffee table. A beautiful one.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever told you my husband would build us a piece of furniture. Ladies and gentlemen, this was just the beginning of an adventure we will forever cherish.

Links to the items used in this project: